Sims 4 Fairy Mod 2023: Everything You Need to Know (Guide)

How cool do you think it is to get wings? Unfortunately, some things are just not meant to be true in reality. But we can help you get wings in one of the most popular life simulation games, Sims 4. Using the “Sims 4 Fairy Mod” literally gives you wings. The game has gained much popularity not just because of the in-game features but the mods it has.

Sims 4 Fairy Mod

Sims 4 has a ton of cool mods, each having a different purpose. With the help of these mods, players can practically do anything in this life simulation game. If you have stumbled here to find a way to get your hands on this mod, then read to the end. We will be talking about the features of the Fairy mod as well as how to download and load it in your game.

Sims 4 Fairy Mod | Download and Use It Instantly!

Though a debut of fairies was seen in Sims 3, the fairy dust was yet to land on the grounds of Sims 4. To hasten the process, the Sims 4 modding community took the matter into their own hands and developed the ultimate Fairy Mod. With the help of this mod, you can live your life as a fairy, have unique traits, and come packed with many other features.

Do you want to make your Sims 4 life a little more magical? Or are you looking to explore more aspects of the game? Whatever the reason, you just can’t get bored with the Fairy Mod.

Features of Fairy Mod

As mentioned above, this mod has impressive features. These features are:

Child And Toddler Fairies: Fairies follow the same lifespan as any other player in the game. They can change their child into a fairy by pleading with the tree. It is called “Pleading the Fairies” interaction on the tree. When the child turns into a fairy, they’ll have similar features as that of an adult fairy.

Child And Toddler Fairies

However, if you have a toddler, they’ll snivel instead of praying. Both the child and toddler will have the “I can fly” feature.

Wings through ages: It is as the name says, that is, your wings will keep changing. As you progress and age in the game, you will have different sets of wings. Each phase of your Sims life will get you a distinct pair of wings.

Magic Ability: What is the point of being in a simulation without the ability to do magic? It is referred to as “Auras” in the game. The enchantments that you can use in the game are Auras of:

  • Sooting
  • Body and Mind
  • Creativity
  • Discomfort
  • Idiocy

Magic Energy: Just like after any activity you find yourself out of energy, the same concept applies here. Every time you use an enchantment or magic ability, you will get an “Out of energy” message. You have to then wait for 6 hours to use another enchantment.

sims 4 fairy magic

Guide to Installing Sims 4 Fairy Mod

To turn your character into a fairy, you need the Sims 4 fairy mod. Follow the steps below to get the mod.

Step 1: Download the Sim 4 Fairy Mod from the link below

Download Fairy Mod

Step 2: Go to the location where you have downloaded the file and extract or unzip it

Installing Mod step 2

Step 3: After extracting the file, copy and paste it into the mods folder

Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods> Fairy Mod. You will have to create the “Fairy Mod” folder

Installing Mod Step 3

Step 4: Open the game to enjoy the mod you just installed

Sims 4 Fairy Mod | How To Become A Fairy

The fairy mod in Sims 4 is all about turning you into a fairy. It also gives you some unique abilities, such as the ability to do magic. But how do you become a fairy? Does it happen right after you upload the mod in the designated file?

Well, you don’t exactly turn into a fairy right after loading the mod file, but you can by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Load the game after loading the mod by following the steps provided above

Step 2: Start the game like you usually do

Step 3: Now click on the tree options on your screen (besides the sims map)

Step 4: After you go to the trees, you will see a “Fairy Tree” on the list. Click on the tree and plant it

Fairy Tree

Step 5: Now, go to the location where you have planted the tree

Step 6: When you’ll go near the tree, you will have two options-

  1. Contemplate the Tree (Observe the tree)
  2. Plead the Fairies


Step 7: Choose the second option, “Plead the Fairies”

As soon as you choose the second option, your sims character will start pleading, and after a couple of seconds, you will be turned into a fairy and grow wings.

How to become a fairy

FAQs | Sims 4 Fairy Mod

Does Sim 4 allow you to become a Fairy?

The game’s developers have not provided Sims the ability to turn into a fairy, but you can achieve it through the mod. With the help of Fairy Mod, you can live life as a fairy. To download the mod, click on the link provided above.

Sims 4 Fairy Mod not working

If the mod is not working, it can be because it has yet to be updated for the latest version of the game. So if the game has been updated, then download the latest mod.

Another reason for the mod not working is that you might have forgotten to activate it from the settings. To activate the mods, start the game and go to options> game options> other. Now you will see an “Enable Custom Content and Mods” checkbox. Now you should be able to run mods.

Can you use Sims 4 mod PS4?

No. Currently, the mods are only being published for PC and Mac. You cannot use these mods on the PS4. You can use some cheat codes during your gameplay but installing mods has yet to be available.

Sims 4 fairy mod nyx deleted?

The fairy mod was launched by creator nyx. The mod was posted on his website, which was later on deleted, and the mod was taken out. Though, you can still find the latest versions of the mod on other websites.

Conclusion | Sims 4 Fairy Mod

Isn’t the Sims 4 fairy mod just awesome? It makes the game a little more exciting and adventurous and makes you explore the game from different views. Sims 4 is highly loved by gamers because of the mods the modding community comes out with. So remember to download this mod and live life as a fairy. Remember to have some fun with the enchantments as well. Also, there are many other mods available for the game. The key to enjoying Sims to its full extent is to use mods.

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