SIMS 4 Obsessive Teen Mod | All You Need To Know

The SIMS is a popular simulation game that was first released in 2014. The game has since been popular among gamers worldwide. In the later years, the game creators came up with many other parts, including SIMS 4, to be the latest. The creators of SIMS 4 allow their users to customize the character’s behavior and other game features by providing different mods.

The benefit of these mods is that it makes the game more exciting when players can play according to their choices. One of the most recent mods which have come into the light has been the “SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod,” which provides you with many different types of interactions and lets you customize the game according to your choice.

 SIMS 4 Obsessive Teen Mod

However, there have been certain issues in installing and using this mod. In this blog, we will guide you step-by-step on installing the obsessive teen mod without any errors and using it in the game to enjoy different features. Read the complete blog to install this mod without any errors on your system.

SIMS 4 Obsessive Teen Mod | All You Need To Know

SIMS 4 is known among the gaming community for its exciting mods. But recently, there have been specific issues in installing the SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod. So, we have provided a complete guide on successfully installing and using this obsessive teen mod on your system and enjoying it without any errors. Follow the steps below to start installing the mod on your system.

Steps to install the SIMS obsessive teen mod

Step 1: Download the SIMS 4 and then install SIMS 4 by using “Origin” to download the game successfully

Step 2: To install the obsessive teen mod on your system, you will need a package file and a ts4 script file

Step 3: One of the most popular versions of the SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod is the one developed by Ozzy and Mariam, and you can find them on their Patreon website, or you can use the link given to directly reach the website and download the package and ts4 script file: Download the Package and Script files here

Step 4: After downloading both files, you must paste them into your local system

Step 5: On your local system, open your SIMS 4 folder. You can find it inside the My Documents folder.

My Documents > Electronic Arts

My Documents > Electronic Arts

Step 6: Now, find the mods folder in the SIMS folder. You can find it at the given destination

My Documents > Electronic Arts > The SIMS 4 > Mods

Step 7: Paste the package file and the ts4 script files inside the mods folder

Step 8: The outer work is done. Now you need to customize the game, and your mod will be ready to use

Step 9: Open “The SIMS 4” game

Step 10: Go to Options > Game Options > Other

Step 11: Activate the mod by looking for the “Custom Contents & Mods” option and enabling it

Step 12: Next, look for the “Script Mods Allowed” option and enable it as well

Step 13: Click “Apply Changes” and “Exit Game”

Step 14: Now restart the game. You will see a pop-up describing the recent changes in the game. Minimize it, and BOOM! Your SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod is successfully installed on your system. You can now enjoy it in the game.

How To Use SIMS 4 Obsessive Teen Mod?

The SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod has 10 interactions you can use to enjoy the game with your characters. We will let you know about them in detail below. Out of these 10 interactions, 6 are available on the base game benches, 3 are available on the base game armchair, and 1 on your SIM you have an attraction to. Mentioned below are some of the interactions and their details.

  1. The Selfie: The selfie interaction is one of the prime features of the game. You will need to buy a selfie stick first, and then your SIM can take selfies.
  2. Eat a burger: The next interaction will fulfill your hunger and also let you enjoy it.
  3. Nap butt and seated: This interaction will help you gain a lot of energy in the game for your SIM to do other fun activities.
  4. Read Cross Leg: The read cross leg interaction increases the logic of your SIM and is also a fun activity to perform.
  5. Scroll Internet: This interaction helps increase the charisma and social and hangout attributes of your SIM.
  6. Hold your crush’s hand: Understandable from its name; this interaction is the fun provider on the list.

Hold your crush’s hand sims 4

These are all the significant interactions of the SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod. You can use them to enjoy the game and boost your SIMs attributes. There are several other interactions the obsessive teen mod provides. You can explore them while playing the game.

FAQs | SIMS 4 Obsessive Teen Mod

Can adults also do these interactions or is it available only for teens?

The interactions in the obsessive teen mod can be done by adults as well. There is no restriction on any particular SIM. Be it a teen or an adult; everyone can do these interactions.

Can SIMS ban you for using the mod?

No, there isn’t any such criterion based on which SIMS bans its players for using mods. Although it warns you about the consequences when using a different mod, it would never ban you from the game.

Conclusion | SIMS 4 Obsessive Teen Mod

This was all about installing and using the SIMS 4 obsessive teen mod. This mod is quite a new one in the market. Although it was released in October 2022, it has been less popular until now. People are starting to know about it in recent times.

This is the leading reason players face issues in this mod’s installation. There has been a low rate of users already enjoying this mod. Although, if you follow the above steps carefully, you should be OK with installing the mod.

So, install and use the obsessive teen mod on your system and do epic things with your SIMs!

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