Snapchat Front Camera Not Working | Try this Fix (Tested)

It’s no secret that Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, boasting over 100 million daily users. One feature that separates it from other social media apps such as Instagram or Facebook is that Snapchat’s photos and videos are only available for viewing for a short time before they disappear forever. However, recently users have been facing instances where their Snapchat front camera won’t work correctly,  iPhone `and Android users alike. If you’re having trouble with the Snapchat front camera not working, you aren’t alone. We are here with solutions!

Why Is Snapchat Front Camera Not Working?

Snapchat is the leading messaging app for teenagers and has taken off in recent years. Thanks to the easy-to-use nature of Snapchat, people are now able to take pictures and videos with the ease of their front-facing camera. Snapchat is an online application that allows people to share media with others for some time. When the recipient opens the snap, the image or video will disappear from their phone and reappear on your phone. But with the recent issue, people have been tensed. But if you’re here, there’s no need to worry anymore.

Snapchat Front Camera Not Working | What’s the Easiest Fix?

Snapchat is a great way to share memories and can be downloaded on different devices like Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone. Snapchat was first released in 2011 and has been used by millions of people worldwide. The front camera that you use on Snapchat gets a doze of your eyes, nose, skin color, etc., but sometimes this camera faces a technical glitch that may lead to the front camera not working properly, or sometimes not at all on Snapchat. There are many reasons like the front camera may not support a particular OS, or this camera may use different plugins to support video editing features, etc.


Users might face various application problems from time to time but can now successfully fix that problem by following these simple steps

Reasons for Snapchat front camera not working?

To use Snapchat, you will want to enable your front camera on your device and make sure it is not covered by a screen protector. Ensure that your micro-USB port is clean and in good condition, as this can interfere with the phone’s or tablet’s connection. You can also try turning off geolocation if it’s interfering with the app’s ability to connect to the internet.

You can first use other apps to see if your phone is able to take pictures with the front camera. If it is, but Snapchat is not working, then it seems that the Snapchat app causes your problem.

How to Fix This?

If you are having this kind of problem, you might want to get it fixed as soon as possible because the front camera not working on Snapchat is definitely annoying.

1) Restart Snapchat

2) Clear Snapchat cache

Clear Snapchat cache

3) Restart your Device

4) Check if the Front Camera is working in other apps

5) Uninstall the app and reinstall it

6) Make sure you have the updated version

7) Try Mobile Data instead of Wi-Fi

8) Make sure your Snapchat has camera access

Snapchat Camera Access

The following section unfolds what to do if the above parameters do not work.

Solutions for iPhone Users

First, if your front camera isn’t working even though the rear camera is fine and both cameras are up to date, try taking a hard reset on your iPhone. This is accomplished by holding down both the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously for about 10 full seconds until you see the Apple logo. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it may be that your device is infected with some virus. If you suspect this is the case, you’ll want to back up your device and perform a factory reset before restoring your phone from backup.

Snapchat iOS

Solutions for Android Users

If your front camera isn’t working in Snapchat on an Android device, the first step is to ensure that you have installed all updates for Snapchat. If you haven’t installed updates, a third-party app is likely causing the issue. You can perform a software scan to see if a virus has been installed on your device. If Snapchat still doesn’t work, you may have to take your device into the store and have the technician wipe all of your data so that you can reinstall the Snapchat app.

Snapchat Front Camera Not Working incident 2022

You may have heard on the news last week that Snapchat’s front camera had gone inactive with no way to turn it back on. As a result, users could not take pictures with their friends or send any snaps. During this time, users could not take pictures using the front camera, and the only way to use the front camera was to use a different app. 


To this day, we still don’t know what exactly caused Snapchat’s front camera to go inactive, but Snapchat has since then fixed the problem and has officially announced that there is no need for users to download any other app besides theirs to use the front facing camera. We are glad that Snapchat fixed the problem and is continuing with their social media outlets to keep customers updated on what is happening with Snapchat.

FAQs | Snapchat Front Camera Not Working

My front camera on Snapchat isn’t working! What should I do?

There are a few things that you can try in order to fix your problem. You should check your device settings, take a picture with the back camera, reinstall/update Snapchat, or delete and reinstall the app. Follow the measures given above. 

Will the new Snapchat update for Android devices fix this problem?

We don’t know, but since Snapchat is working on fixing the update, we can assume that it might. So, if you have a Snapchat Android app that doesn’t seem to be working, contact customer support.

Pictures turning out blurry after using the front-facing camera on Snapchat?

This actually could be a setting in your phone’s camera app. Go to your phone’s settings and ensure it is set at the highest quality possible. You may also want to try turning on HDR, which will help you differentiate between light and dark areas of your image.

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In conclusion, Snapchat has recently undergone many changes, and unfortunately, the Snapchat front camera not working is one of them. If you want to continue using the front camera, ensure that your phone’s settings are allowed access to the front camera.

If you are having problems with your front-facing camera not working on Snapchat, then one of the first things you should do is to check your device settings. You might want to try switching the focus mode to either auto or fixed so it will work. It would help if you also made sure that there isn’t a problem with your flash. The other thing you should do is check for an update or ensure that you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your device.

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