Snapshots Not Working Pokemon Go | Here’s the Fix

Unfortunately, some Pokemon Go players have experienced a bug that results in snapshots not working. When they try to use the camera to take a snapshot of their current location, the error message “spawning an AR creature is not currently possible” is displayed instead. This message usually appears when you are trying to take a picture of an area that does not contain any PokeStops or Gyms. But we have found some solutions to your problem. And for a better gaming experience, we will solve your issue of snapshots not working Pokemon Go.

Snapshots Not Working Pokemon Go

Although it only took a few early adopters to discover that the Pokemon GO app wasn’t working, you would be surprised how many people still haven’t realized this major flaw. Think of all the players trying to find these rare monsters in their local area by snapping their screenshots. It is unlikely that they will get very far, however, because they then rely on their personal phone’s GPS to try and lead them towards the creatures.

If you’re one of the many people who haven’t heard that this new app has a significant issue with their GPS, then you’ve just learned something very important. It seems as if the creators have chosen Google Maps, limiting how far away one can travel when attempting to take a screenshot. The distance limit is 100 meters and is meant to help combat cheating (in Pokemon Go). All maps have a certain inactivity radius, which happens when you are outside of that radius.

Snapshots Not Working Pokemon Go | A Major Issue?

If you’ve played Pokemon Go any time, you’ve likely found yourself frustrated when the game doesn’t recognize your location. You’re standing in the middle of your living room, and it thinks you’re outside. Or maybe it seems like there’s a GPS bug, and every time you go home, Pokemon Go says you are at home (even if you are really at work). This is a problem that Pokemon Go players have faced since the game launched. As it turns out, part of the problem is on Niantic’s end.

Pokemon Go Snapshots Are Delivered Outside of the US: The most frustrating problem is when your phone behaves normally most of the time, only to react strangely when you’re in certain places. No matter what you do, Pokemon Go doesn’t know where you are. The problem is that Niantic delivers Pokemon Go’s Snapshot function outside the US. While Pokemon Go can still work just fine in the US, it doesn’t work quite as well in other countries.

Pokemon Go

Snapshots are a way for Niantic to store and share information about your location, so you don’t get flagged by the game when you stand next to a Pokestop while standing right in front of one.

Pokemon Go’s GPS Doesn’t Always Work: When you don’t have the app open and you are playing Pokemon Go, the game works fine. You can move around your house, go to a Pokestop at home, or walk across the street and catch a Pokemon. Your phone’s GPS tells the system that you are where you say you are. It does this by constantly sending your location to Niantic. But it doesn’t work as expected when you open the game and want to catch some Pokemon with your friend.

How to fix the Pokemon Go Snapshots Problem

1. Go to phone settings

Pokemon Go - 12. Tap on Permission

PG Step 23. Enter App Permission

PG Step 34. Go to Pokemon Go

PG Step 45. Disable storage & media permission

PG Step 5

6. Now, start your game. If you are asked for permission to access storage by the application, click deny

PG Step 6

7. Enjoy your game

Snapshot in Pokemon Go | Snapshots not Working Pokemon Go

Here’s everything you need to know about taking Snapshots in Pokemon Go:

  • You can take a Snapshot by pressing the shutter button on your phone and then swiping right. The camera will center on the Pokemon closest to you and automatically save a photo when you swipe right. 
  • When taking a Snapshot, three aspects of a Pokemon are automatically prioritized: size, cuteness, and rarity. You can disable this feature by pressing the camera shutter and then swiping right again.
  • The photo will be saved to the “Photos” tab in your profile’s “Medals” tab.
  • You can also share a photo with friends or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by pressing the camera shutter on your Pokemon profile and tapping on the social network icon in the bottom right.
  • Snapshots are saved to your device and can only be seen when you’re using Pokemon Go.  
  • The photo will last forever, even after you stop playing. 
  • If you want to delete a Snapshot, press the camera shutter and then swipe right on the screen to bring up your “Medals” section. You can also clear all of your Snapshots by pressing the camera shutter and swiping right on your Pokemon profile.
  • A Snapshot isn’t taken when you throw a Pokeball at a Pokemon or move it to another PokeStop or Gym. If you don’t want to take a Snapshot, press the camera shutter and swipe right on the screen.
  • If you’re using an iPhone, when you press the shutter button and swipe right, it will take a photo in your current screen view. When using an Android device, pressing the camera shutter button and swiping right will take a photo in your current screen view. You can use this feature to get Pokemon’s attention when they’re hiding behind rocks or plants.

FAQs | Snapshots not Working Pokemon Go

Why does Pokemon Go keep crashing?

There are many reasons why the game keeps crashing on your phone, and one of them is Bugs. Bugs are a thing that can happen in any game, and in the case of Pokemon Go, some of these bugs cause the crash. We’ve seen many people complaining about the bug freeze occurring. This is caused by the game crashing after players find out about nearby PokeStops and Gyms.

Where are the Snapshots stored?

Snapshots in Pokemon Go are stored in your Phone’s Camera Roll. To access them, open the “Photos” app on your phone. Then tap “Camera Roll” and swipe to the left until you see all your Snapshots from Pokemon Go!

Can children under 10 play the game?

Pokemon Go is a game for those at least 10 years of age, so it follows those kids under that age shouldn’t be playing it. Why? Because the entirety of Go’s appeal is how users can interact with other players in real-world locations through their phones. Kids younger than 10 are not yet capable of perceiving others this way.


In conclusion, “Pokemon Go” has the potential to be a fantastic game and will become more so over time as players gain access to new features and Pokemon. Unfortunately, snapshots are not currently one of its strong suits. They are a clunky mechanic that does not work correctly due to the game’s current state. If trainers want their screenshots to really work on “Pokemon Go,” they should wait until some later date when snapshot quality improves. Hopefully, this time around, Niantic will be more prepared for the big release. Even with the current issues, it’s still a great game, and I’m having lots of fun!

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