Someone Changed My PSN Email | Here’s What to Do

With virtual video games becoming increasingly popular and attracting a sizable online user base, account hacking, and other issues brought on by online fraudsters and hackers are frequent problems many people encounter. Now for the spotlight question, Have you ever attempted to log into your PlayStation (PS4 or PS5) account and received an error message stating that your password or email was incorrect?

Perhaps you received an email requesting that your email address be changed, but you are sure it wasn’t you. If you have encountered one of these problems, you probably want to know what to do next. Even though PlayStation standards forbid such action, it occasionally occurs, but here’s a guide on what to do if you end up in a situation where “someone changed my psn email!”

Someone Changed My PSN Email

To catch the hackers as quickly as possible, you should get in touch with PlayStation help as soon as you realize that your email address has been altered or your account has been compromised. The more time passes, the more difficult it may be to disprove your involvement or even attempt to recover any money that was depleted from the account while it was being hacked. So as we said earlier, let’s get into today’s guide on what to do if someone changes your psn email.

Someone changed my PSN email | Here’s How To Avoid It

Regardless of the reasoning the person who changed your PSN email had, it is straight-up wrong and illegal to make any changes without the owner, aka your permission. Your first concern if your PlayStation account has been compromised is probably how to get the account back (which I covered in the section above). Your second thought, though, is probably why? Why would cyber criminals want to access your account? What is the true motivation behind the hacking process, aside from the desire to play games? PlayStation account hacking is frequently done for a few distinct reasons, with the below reasons being a few of the dozens: 

Someone changed my ps account email sign-in… what’s the easiest way to remedy this? from PS4

  • A Playstation account is first hijacked, so the hacker may spam chat using the account to get users to switch to another platform and offer them money.
  • The second motive for account hacking attempts is to sell access to the account fraudulently. These are the most common causes. However, there are numerous additional scenarios in which someone may steal your Playstation account. A single account breach might be pretty lucrative for the hacker if they can get people in chat or even your buddies on the PlayStation to buy a dubious product and then take their credit card information. Since most con artists reside abroad, where the cost of living is only a few dollars per day, even gaining access to one credit card may quickly result in multiple hundreds of dollars in fraudulent purchases on that card.
  • For them, selling access to the account may be quite profitable. With all of your games and stuff on it, they can try to sell the account while claiming that they no longer need or want it, making it an alluring offer for the buyer. When you receive the account back, the scammer or hacker will have left the money, and the buyer will have lost all of their money (since the account was stolen in the first place).

Someone changed my PSN account | What and How to do

Over the past few decades, practically every industry—manufacturing or video gaming—has seen a significant transition that has been largely favorable. By introducing new technologies and equipment that improve job quality and are much more convenient, technology has significantly altered the methods that practically all industries and enterprises operate. However, along with these profound technological advancements came a rise in fraudsters and hackers who steal people’s money.

Scammers may now hack into accounts to steal money, resell it, or use it for various ways to steal from other people than they once could when they had to call individuals and ask for money over the phone. Despite the fast advancement of video game technology, the security of accounts and financial information has lagged. Because there are more and more individuals online, it is simpler to discover people to con, making it easier for hackers to access accounts through fraudulent techniques.

Someone changed my PSN account

Signs your account has been hacked!

Typically, accounts are compromised, and the registered email address is changed, leading to further issues and occasionally making problems challenging to resolve if you don’t know what to do about it. Typically, accounts that have been compromised go unreported until they are used for payment or games that you did not authorize are downloaded. They and many other things show that your account has been compromised. These are the signs that you should look out for if you want to find out if your account has been hacked or if a third party has changed your email.

  • Unidentified transactions are the first indication of a compromised account, as was already explained. Receiving emails from the PlayStation Store informing you of purchases that aren’t yours or if your email address has changed since most hackers use this to take complete control of an account. All your saved wallet or credit card information might be easily exploited because you cannot enter your account, and there is no way to delete the crucial information from your account. You might have to wait a few hours to talk with a representative because the Sony support line cannot be accessed around the clock.
  • Secondly, Playstation may send you an email informing you that your password or email has been modified.

How to overcome this issue?

  1. To avoid more issues, the first thing that has to be done is to report the issue to Sony as soon as possible. Since the PlayStation network was breached, Sony has gone to great lengths and will do everything it can to stop hackers. You should contact Sony immediately if you believe your PSN account has been hacked or someone may be attempting to do so. The hacker will be stopped since they can witness the effort. They can also assist you in changing your email or password to safeguard your account and resolve any payment issues the hacker may have caused. Here are some of the ways through which you can contact SONY: 
  • You can send an email to the provided PlayStation email address. However, doing so takes some time and is not advised because you would desire speedy solutions to this issue.
  • On their official PlayStation page, Sony allows users to tweet to them and engage in live chats with experts where they may fully describe their problems.
  • The quickest method is to call Sony’s hotline number (1-800-345-7669) and discuss the actions you should take.

PlayStation network was breached

You should add 2-step verification to your PlayStation account and ensure that your Gamertag doesn’t contain any sensitive information, such as your date of birth, if you frequently have account hacking concerns. Talk to the Sony support staff if you have any unidentified purchases you wish to dispute; they can assist you in getting your queries answered and issuing a refund for any things bought due to the breach.

  1. Calling your bank or credit card company and asking them to disable the specific credit card you have saved in your PlayStation Network account should be your first defense against any subsequent purchases. Doing this ensures no more undesirable transactions happen and that your money cannot be used inappropriately. While most banks and credit cards will insure you against fraud, it may still be a significant inconvenience, so it’s better to stop it as soon as you identify the problem.
  2.  Your online ID can be modified. You should exercise caution since switching your online ID may cause you to lose progress in some games. If you are having problems after changing your online ID, please get in touch with customer service to help you switch back to your old online ID. Switching back to your former online ID is free, which should fix most problems. This might not, however, resolve every problem (for example, you may not recover lost content, progress, and functionality). We advise you to switch to an earlier online ID as soon as possible because delaying might impact the material, game progress, and functionality linked to your new online ID.

Recovering your account without email.

If you utilize the PlayStation Network, there’s a chance that you recently had your account hijacked. Don’t panic if you can’t remember your email address or have lost access to your account. You may restore your PSN account without an email by visiting and completing the recovery form. You won’t lose any game data, and your PSN account may be retrieved in this manner.

Restarting your PlayStation and selecting the “sign in” option after selecting “start” is another way to retrieve your email. Your email address may occasionally be prefilled in the “username” box.

Frequently Asked Questions | Someone Changed My PSN Email

What to do when someone has changed my PSN email?

The best thing to do when someone hacks into your PSN and changes your email is to contact SONY as soon as possible. You should get in touch with Sony immediately if you believe your PSN account has been hacked or someone may be attempting to do so. The hacker will be stopped since they can witness the effort. Please scroll through the report to learn about the next best thing you can do to deal with this situation.

What to do when someone has changed my PSN email and Password?

The best first step is to contact SONY via their customer care number or their official site, or maybe even you can try your luck with their Twitter handle. You could recover your account if you have your phone number linked. 


Although no one loves or wants their account hacked, it seems like it frequently happens in the modern world. Sony is always eager to assist you and is always accessible to do so, and we also happen to be on the same boat as them you. Please let us know if we missed anything so we can update it later.

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