They’ll Never Find Me Elden Ring (Mystery Solved)

Although Elden Ring is a new game in the market, it has created space in the hearts of game lovers on a vast scale. The Elden Ring has been in tough competition with other major games that were in the market before its launch. However, a mystery that the game holds is the ‘They’ll never find me in Elden Ring’ unheard voice you hear somewhere in the game. So we are here to find out what’s the story behind ‘They’ll never find me Elden Ring.’

They'll Never Find Me Elden Ring

This blog will open up on every aspect of the voice, whose voice it is, how you can reach this voice, and what will happen next in the story; we will cover everything. So, gear up for a serious mystery revealed by this unheard voice in Elden Ring.

They’ll Never Find Me Elden Ring | Mystery Solved

“They’ll never find me” in Elden Ring is a suspicious voice you keep listening to when reaching a late game stage. To explain a late game stage, it means the probable end of the game. The late game stage includes scenarios where you will see a massive, broken colosseum suspended high in the air. There will be tornados full of dragons and much more in the game’s late stages.

Guide To The Source Of They’ll Never Find Me Elden Ring

So, this voice is heard when you are in the Mount Gelmir volcanic region. When you are at this mountain, a voice constantly repeating, “They’ll never find me,” keeps coming from the background, from an unknown source. This voice comes from inside ‘Fort Laiedd,’ built on the ‘See the water’ river. You will need to reach the fort to find the source of the voice.

Fort Laiedd

Walk along the river for some distance to reach the fort. Be careful as you enter Fort Laiedd as enemies and mini-bosses guard it. Fight and defeat them to move ahead in the game. You will notice that the voice will become clearer as you approach the fort. Inside the fort, the voice will be even more precise than it was earlier. But the source is still unknown.

Now, go to the northwest corner of the fort. Here the voice will become louder and more apparent. From the northwest corner, jump on the wall on your left side. As you climb the wall, you will land on a wooden platform. Here, you will find a ghost in his last moments constantly repeating, “They’ll never find me.” This is where the voice was coming from. The mystery is finally revealed!

They'll never find me Ghost

You will find an item beside the ghost. Please pick it up! It is a fire scorpion charm that will boost your fire damage at the expense of how much damage you take from the enemy. It will indeed be a handy item ahead in the game. You can also communicate with the ghost and learn a little about his story and character, although this is not necessary.

We have solved the bigger mystery now. But another question that arises from here is what to do with the Fire Scorpion charm that you just picked up. Let us know about it in detail.

What Is The Use Of The Fire Scorpion Charm? | They’ll Never Find Me Elden Ring

Wondering what to do with the fire scorpion charm that you just obtained from fort Laeidd? The fire scorpion charm is a talisman in Elden Ring. It can highly alter the attack power of your character when worn. This talisman is used mainly to increase the game’s fire attack power, although it will lower the damage negation. The fire scorpion charm will increase your fire damage output by 12% and increase all the physical damage taken by 10% approximately. But it can be of great use against some particular kind of enemies like the ones vulnerable to fire.

Scorpion Charm

So, now you know how to use this fantastic item obtained from Fort Laiedd. Obtain the fire scorpion charm and enjoy the game with extreme power.

FAQs | They’ll Never Find Me Elden Ring

Why doesn’t Elden Ring tell us where to go?

Elden Ring is a true game that depicts real-life scenarios of a fictional story. So, if you are wondering where to go next, the answer is that you can go anywhere you wish, and the game will find you exciting aspects to continue the story ahead.

Are there no invisible paths in Elden Ring?

Exactly opposite to what you think, Elden ring has got many invisible paths that you will need to find out as you roam around in the wild.

Should I join Volcano Manor?

Yes, if you are looking forward to advancing in several quests and getting access to Rykard, you will need to join the Volcano Manor.

Where to find the invisible bridges in Elden Ring?

There are two invisible bridges in Elden ring. One can be found on the hidden path to Haligtree and the second one is on the Mountaintops of the Giants.


So, the mystery behind the suspicious, unfamiliar and unknown voice is solved, and we hope you could find the source by following the guide. A major mistake most players make is forgetting to pick up the item dropped next to the ghost. Remember to pick it up to obtain the fire scorpion charm. It will be beneficial for you ahead in the game.

Another recommendation is to try communicating with the ghost. Although you might find it useless, it will reveal many important aspects of the storyline of Elden Ring. Try connecting points you obtain from the ghost to the game’s main story. That’s it behind this mysterious voice and the fire scorpion charm.

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