Typingtest.com Hack | Here’s How to Amuse Your Mates

Typingtest.com is actually pretty easy to use and comprehensive, with an interface that’s straightforward, friendly, and loaded with helpful information. It evaluates these skills in their most basic form, with a 0-100% score based on how quickly you type and the number of errors you make. If you take the test and don’t do well, it can show where your weakest keys are so you can practice more efficiently or ask your instructor for feedback about which keys to focus on when practicing in class. Though typingtest is an excellent way to learn, sometimes, it gets boring for students. To get rid of you this boring work, we have a Typingtest.com Hack. You can make your typing load easy with simple steps with some basic tech knowledge.

Typingtest.com Hack

Typingtest.com Hack | Methods That Work!

Using Bot for Typingtest.com 

You can use a bot to speed up your progress on Typing.com. Simply enter your username and password into the bot, and it will do the rest, typing out the lessons for you and even taking the tests! This can help you progress through the program much faster, and you can even set it to run overnight to make even more progress while you sleep!


There are many ways to get the Typing.com Cheat Bot. One way is to search for it on the internet. You can also ask people who have used the Typing.com Cheat Bot before. Another way is to look for it in the Typing.com forums. Let’s understand the process:

Steps to Hack/ Cheat on Typingtest.com 

  • To hack typingtest, download Tampermonkey and add it to your Chrome. Again, download the typingBot.user.js script from GitHub and install it to Tampermonkey.

Typingtest.com Hack

  • After downloading the typingComBot.exe, open the zip file and run the program. It will ask you to set your desired speed (WPM) and accuracy.

Typingtest.com Hack

  • On Chrome, click the Tampermonkey icon and enable the newly added/ installed script. This script will act as an add-on to typing.com’s main bot to automate that task.

Typingtest.com Hack

Now you can choose between 1 to 300 for speed and 98 to 100 for accuracy. Once you set up your WPM and accuracy, press 1 and enter to start scanning for a lesson. Start a Typing Lesson or Test, and the bot will do everything from here on its own. 

Typing.com Cheat Bot is an application that can work on all platforms with Java support. It is a cheat tool that provides you with many features you’re looking for. Firstly, it allows you to use auto-correct, Numpad, and all keys of your keyboard. Secondly, you have unlimited time and can use the application in all tests and games. Thirdly, you can use the application online, but when you run it offline, Typing.com Cheat Bot will never disturb you. So, you can use it in the examinations without fear of catching it. Typing.com Cheat Bot has a lot of features. So, you can use it anywhere, any time, and it is safe for you and your computer.

FAQs | Typingtest.com Hack

What is TypingTest.com?

TypingTest.com is a free, open platform that allows you to test your typing speed and accuracy against other typists worldwide! With more than 12,000 typists registered, this has become the most popular typing competition site on the web.

How many unique words can I learn during the program?

You can learn up to 3,500 unique words. However, each new word will be added to our dictionary and won’t count towards your limit until it reaches a total of 50,000 unique words.

Is it legal to hack Typingtest.com?

No, that is not legal. But it is more like getting the cheat codes than hacking for ease.

I typed a word and it did not accept it. What happened?

If the word is on our blacklist, it will not be accepted. They also include offensive words on the list that might appear accidentally.

Conclusion | Typingtest.com Hack

Many websites offer similar services, but Typingtest is one of the cheapest and most user-friendly. They have lots of different tests that you can take to gauge your typing speed and accuracy.

It’s not that easy to have something done in no time. That’s why there is software like Bot for Typing.com. This type of work is done in a split second; for example, it is typing. It is easy to use and free, so what do you want more? Try this software, and you will see that it is perfect for you. We hope you got your answer in the blog.

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