Unlock All Locked Characters In Back 4 Blood (How-to Guide)

Talking about co-op games, Back 4 Blood is the one game that cannot be left behind. It is a true successor to Left 4 Dead because the shooting mechanics and gameplay will feel very similar. The major question that every Back 4 blood user asks once they start playing is “How to unlock characters in Back 4 blood?”. Unlocking all characters is a part of the game and I should tell you that there are no cheat codes for unlocking all characters. 

Unlock All Locked Characters In Back 4 Blood

If you have just started playing Back 4 blood and wondering how to unlock every character in Back 4 blood then you have landed at the right guide and till the end, you will get answers to your question.

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How To Unlock Characters In Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood is not an easy game, you need to choose the right cleaners and weapons for your team to pass each level. There are 8 characters in this game and these characters are known as cleaners in the game. Out of the 8 cleaners, 4 of them are unlocked and you need to unlock the other 4 characters(Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee) by yourself. 

Back 4 blood is a co-op multiplayer zombie apocalypse game. You have to make your way in the game by fighting the zombies, the story mode of this game can be played in a team of four or solo. The first 4 levels are just tutorials for users to understand the game and controls, you will be playing with bots in these 4 levels and you can also skip it if you are familiar with Life 4 dead. Before you unlock all the characters in back 4 blood you should know what are the abilities of each cleaner so to make it easy for you we have listed out every ability of each cleaner below.

Abilities Of Characters In Back 4 Blood

Each cleaner in Back 4 blood has three different abilities on his card which are listed below:


Holly Forrester became a cleaner after losing her family to a zombie apocalypse. She carries a spiked bat named “Dottie” which is her main weapon to kill zombies. 

Back 4 blood holly


  •  Receives 10 stamina on every zombie kill.
  • 10% damage resistance.
  • 25+ team stamina


Evangelo is the most inexperienced cleaner but he is a very good teammate and always stands for his teammate in every situation. He is the most trustable one on the list of cleaners. His primary weapon is a Machete.

Back 4 blood evangelo


  • Can break out of a grab once every 60 seconds. 
  • +75% breakout speed.
  • +25% stamina regen.
  • Provides +5% team movement. 


Doc is the most valuable cleaner. When it comes to healing and preventing injury doc is the best teammate you can have. She is not very good with weapons but her role in the team cannot be replaced. Her primary weapon is the Beretta M9.

back 4 blood doc


  • Can heal every teammate once in each level for 25 health without any healing items.
  • +20% healing efficiency. 
  • +25% trauma resistance to the team.


Hoffman is a conspiracy theorist. His knowledge and experience on infection is the biggest asset for the team. He has good support and his primary weapon is the M1911.

back 4 blood hoffman


  • A chance to find ammo whenever he kills a zombie(ridden).
  • +1 additional offensive inventory slot.
  • Increases max team ammo capacity by +10%.


What’s better than a teammate with experience in military combat. Walker is the most valuable teammate when it comes to fighting skills. His primary weapon is Glock 23.

back 4 blood walker


  • Precision kills grants walker +20% accuracy for 5 seconds. 
  • Deals +10% more damage. 
  • Increases team health by 10%.


As the name suggests mom has the role of a mother to her teammates. She puts the needs of others over her own just like a mother to her child. Her primary weapon is The Belgian.

back 4 blood mom


  • She can constantly revive a teammate once per level.
  • Has +1 support inventory slot.
  • +1 team extra life


Karlee is the most versatile character of all. She is an all-rounder whether it comes to fighting or just being a good teammate. Her primary weapon is Tec 9.

back 4 blood karlee


  • Can sense nearby hazards and mutations.
  • Has +1 quick inventory.
  • +50% team use speed.

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Jim is an experienced shooter as he has always been involved in hunting animals with his father. He is a valuable teammate because of his shooting skills. His primary weapon is a 357 Magnum.

back 4 blood jim


  • Precision kills grant Jim 2.5% stacking damage until he is hurt.
  • +25% aim down sights speeds.
  • +10% team weak spot damage.

How To Unlock Jim, Karlee, Doc And Hoffman In Back 4 Blood?

Unlocking the other half of the characters in Back 4 Blood is not something that you can do using cheats. To unlock Jim, Karlee, Doc and Hoffman you need to clear you need to complete Act 1 of chapter 1 “The devils run”.

back 4 blood all characters

Act 1 comprises of four levels which are: 

  • Resurgence
  • Tunnel of Blood
  • Pain Train
  • The Crossing

To unlock these characters faster you should play this act in online mode with other players. Once completing act 1 you will see a cutscene on your screen showing all the locked characters and their card. Now choose the character according to your choice which suits your gameplay style and before doing so check out the character abilities listed above. 


How Do You Unlock The Other Characters In Back 4 Blood?

 To unlock the other characters in Back 4 Blood you need to clear Act 1 “The devils run” in online mode. You can check out the full guide above for further information.

Back 4 Blood Characters Not Unlocking

Sometimes some of the characters do not unlock even after completing act 1 “The devils run”. This might be because you have completed the game in solo mode, try completing it in online mode with other players and all your players will be unlocked. 


Back 4 Blood is a very known name in co-op games, offering great visuals and online playing mode. In this blog post, we have explained to you how to unlock characters in Back 4 Blood very easily and you can also read the full ability list of each character and select your character wisely.

If you have any questions related to Back 4 Blood do let us know in the comment section down below.

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