How to Unlock Permanently Locked Snapchat Account? (Explained)

Snapchat users from around the world have been facing the problem of their accounts being locked from Snapchat due to a lot of reasons. This is done widely as a step from Snapchat for keeping their rules and regulations strict and making sure that no one violates them. In this article, we will be explaining to you how to unlock a permanently locked Snapchat account and how to protect your Snapchat account from getting locked permanently.

how to unlock permanently locked snapchat account

The blocking of accounts from Snapchat is to protect the user’s privacy and stop the spam accounts from violating its terms. Make sure you go through the article till the end so that you won’t miss out on anything important.

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How To Unlock Permanently Locked Snapchat Account?

When your Snapchat account is showing that “your account has been permanently locked. Please go here for more info on why this happened” and there is an unlock button just below this message then you just need to first uninstall all the third-party apps like snap-upload and Snapup pro then click on the unlock button and your account will be recovered. If there is no “Unlock” button then you will have to contact Snapchat support through email and wait for them to respond and send you a password reset link. 

how to unlock permanently locked snapchat account

But do you know why your account was banned from Snapchat?  There are a few reasons that we have listed below and how you can prevent in future from getting banned permanently from Snapchat.

NOTE: The “Unlock” button will appear after 24 hours so wait for a day then only you will be able to recover your Snapchat account.

Why Has My Snapchat Account Been Permanently Locked?

Use Of Third-party Apps Or Plugins

use of third party apps in Snapchat

There are a lot of third-party apps available on the App Store and play store for Snapchat. These apps allow the users to view Snapchat stories of friends even without letting them know about it and also let you take screenshots of stories and snaps of your friends without sending them a notification. 

The major problem with these apps is that they take up your private data and also violate Snapchat terms and conditions. That is why people using such apps are getting banned from Snapchat.

Sending Too Many Friend Requests Or Spam Messages Without Verifying Your Phone Number And Email Address

If you are using your Snapchat account as a bot account for promotional activities like sending bulk messages and friend requests to unknown people and you have also not verified your phone number and email address on the app then you might get banned from Snapchat for this activity because you need to prove that this account belongs to you and not used for spamming.

Snapchat has strict rules for stopping Spam accounts, so if you get more than 3 reports on your Snapchat account then also you will get banned from the platform. 

Login From Different Locations

If you have shared your password with someone and your account is logged in at the same time from two different locations then as a security measure Snapchat might temporarily disable your account and then you will have to wait for the support team to email you for resetting your password. 

How Do I Protect My Snapchat Account From Getting Banned?

Verify Your Email Address And Phone Number

verify phone number on snapchat

It’s the first thing that you should do to protect your Snapchat account from getting banned in the future. If you verify your email and phone number with Snapchat then the app will recognize you as a legit account and also it will increase the security of your account. 

Do Not Use Third-party Apps Or Plugins

If you are planning to use third-party apps to secretly view or screenshot your friend’s stories and snaps then stop right there because you will get banned sooner or later for doing it. Also, these apps are not secure because you have to enter your Snapchat ID and password in them.

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FAQs | Unlocked Permanently Locked Account

Can You Get IP Banned On Snapchat?

Yes, many users reported that they got an IP ban on Snapchat but the reasons are still unknown as to what activities can lead to an IP ban on Snapchat. If you get reported by a lot of users then only there’s a chance that you can get an IP ban on Snapchat and you will never be able to use Snapchat on that device again.

Why Is Snapchat Not Letting Me Unlock My Account?

If Snapchat is not letting you unlock your account even after 24 hours then you should contact Snapchat support and tell them about your issue.

Closure | How To Unlock Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

A Snapchat account being locked is one of the most common issues which a lot of users are reporting these days and the reason for them is mostly because you violated the terms and conditions of the platform. In this blog post, we have explained “How to unlock permanently locked Snapchat account?” and what is the reason for the ban and how to prevent it in the future. Make sure you don’t get your account banned because of the activities listed in this article as it can also lead to permanent suspension of your account from Snapchat.

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