Vanguard Keeps Crashing | Here’s What to Do (Tested)

Recently, users have been getting the “Vanguard has crashed” notice quite a lot while playing games on their PC. And we understand it is one of the most irritating experiences one can ever face. Although this problem is not so natural, if it is with your system, you don’t need to panic about it.

Vanguard keeps crashing

We live in an era where Valorant and Call of Duty are the most popular games played by almost every youth at least once, but the terrible part of these games is when they crash down. Since these games are built on Vanguard, sometimes they crash not because of the game but because Vanguard keeps crashing. This blog will cover all the possible reasons and solutions to resolve this problem and help you get back to your flawless gaming experience.

Vanguard Keeps Crashing | All Possible Reasons

There can be a lot of reasons why Vanguard keeps crashing again and again. But before we discuss these reasons, let us know in detail what Vanguard actually is. Although you might be aware of its usage, it is necessary to know where this app originates and its requirements to run smoothly on a system.

What is Vanguard?

If you are reading this blog, you must already know what Vanguard is. But if you don’t know what Vanguard is, we’ll help you out. While gaming is the first love of many people in today’s high-tech era, the demand for games with high-quality graphics and animations is in demand. But a significant problem these games face is that they consume a lot of resources of the system they run on. While every system cannot fulfill the need for such high resources, Vanguard comes in as a savior.

Vanguard is a software that is used along with games like Valorant and Call of Duty to support the high graphics of these games on almost any device. The software is pretty good, but it is not built so well and has a lot of glitches. This is primarily why Vanguard keeps frequently crashing, creating a bad user experience for players worldwide.

Now that you know what Vanguard is and what it actually does let us understand the leading causes of the software crashing too frequently.

Running background applications

The unnecessary memory consumption by active applications running in the background reduces the ability to work on the system. The reduction in the foreground applications and their processing of data helps in smooth working and data processing.

Running background applications

Presence of cache files

Cache file helps load applications through temporary files at a fast speed in your system instead of loading them every time. Basically, it consists of data or information stored at a temporary location on your PC or device while you visit an application or a website for the first time. Therefore sometimes, this cache memory may become corrupted and start storing data that is no longer useful for us.

The glitch in graphic drivers

Verified graphic drivers may crash or generate error messages midst your game, and your system may not support them. If you find such unverified graphic drivers in your system, you need to reinstall them quickly, but if they belong to your graphic drive, then you need to execute the next step for its smooth working.

glitch in graphic drivers

Absence of necessary specifications for Vanguard

If your system is repeatedly crashing, you should check that your system is fit for Vanguard before moving forward to any advanced solutions. If any of these specifications are missing, then Vanguard will keep crashing again and again. These minimum specifications that are officially required are:

  • Operating system should be Windows 10 or Windows 11 with 64bit for both the windows
  • CPU should be an Intel i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
  • minimum RAM size should be 8GB, but it can vary up to 12GB
  • At the time of launch, the storage can vary from 36GB to 61GB in the system

Overlay applications

The overlay feature interrupts while you are playing the game; it can even block the necessary files of your game as it gives access to applications and important features without even leaving the game midway. Some users find this an interruption and therefore disable the overlays in order to prohibit any sort of interference in the game.

Third-party interference

Another significant cause of why Vanguard keeps crashing is multiple connections, such as your online friends in the game. This problem has a minimal solution: removing some of your online friends as the system crashes when multiple people are accessing the same application together. After reducing the number of people, check whether the problem is now successfully resolved.

Solutions To Try When Vanguard Keeps Crashing

Although Vanguard keeps crashing a lot yet there are several solutions that you can adopt to fix this issue. Hopefully, the below-listed solutions will solve the problem for you. However, if the problem still continues, you can ultimately contact the Vanguard support team to guide you ahead.

Fix 1: Close background applications

The easiest method is closing all background applications. This can be done by:

  • Right-click on the start button in the taskbar
  • Choose the task manager option

Choose the task manager option

  • Under the processor tab, select all the unnecessary background applications running
  • Close all these background applications one by one by clicking the end task button
  • Exit task manager window
  • Re-launch Vanguard

Fix 2: Removal of cache files and reports

To remove the corrupted cache and files and prevent your Vanguard from crashing, you need to delete them by following these steps:

  • Press the windows key logo on the keyboard plus R

Press the windows key logo on the keyboard plus R

  • A run dialog box will pop up. Write app data and press enter
  • Go to the local folder
  • Select your game and then save it
  • Select the crashes folder and right-click to delete it

Select the crashes folder and right-click to delete it

  • Open the web cache folder and then delete the GPU cache folder also
  • Now delete the cache folder and re-open your game to check if the Vanguard is crashing again or not

Fix 3: Reinstall Vanguard

If you are facing regular glitches in your Vanguard, you need to reinstall it to avoid any prohibition. To do that:

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard and type “add or remove programs”
  • Select add or remove programs as it pops up on your screen
  • In the list, look for Vanguard, click on it, and uninstall
  • Launch your game, and it will automatically install Vanguard for you

Fix 4: Update graphic drivers

A graphic card is the heart of your PC when you are a gamer. Sometimes this graphic card gets corrupted or becomes outdated, but fixing it is a cup of tea. One can quickly fix it with a few steps listed below:

  • Download and install Driver Easy

Download and install Driver Easy

  • On the driver, click on the Scan Now button

Scan Now

  • This driver will now scan your system to detect problems
  • Click on Update All to automatically install all the correct versions of the required drivers

Update All

  • One can perform the updates through its partly manual feature
  • To check for the changes in the system, you need to restart it
  • Now launch your game to check if the crashing problem has been resolved or not

Fix 5: Reinstall the Graphic Driver

Sometimes your graphic driver is updated but still it faces errors. In order to resolve such errors and execute the smooth working of your game without any interruption, you need to reinstall the graphic driver by following some basic steps.

  • Install Display Driver Uninstaller

Display Driver Uninstaller

  • Select start and then power option
  • To start Windows in safe mode, press Shift and then restart
  • Select display driver uninstaller and locate your required folder
  • Double-click on the application
  • Select extract and run display driver uninstaller application
  • According to your graphic card, select your device type
  • For uninstalling the graphic driver press clean and then restart your system

Fix 6: Update your system

At times the game crashes due to compatibility issues with the system. To remove such compatibility issues one needs to update the system and install if there are any necessary updates that help in increasing the efficiency of the computer. Here are some steps to be followed for a Windows update.

  • Press the Windows key logo on the keyboard and check for updates in the pop-up menu
  • Check for any updates available by clicking on “check for updates”

check for updates

  • Wait for a while for Windows to check any update and install it in the system
  • Now you can restart your system to check for new features added

FAQs | Vanguard Keeps Crashing

Does Vanguard slow down PCs?

In some terms, vanguard slows down your system a bit as it blocks cheat and cheat-creating software which is slightly noticeable only on the lower-end systems. Therefore most people can’t notice it.

Is Vanguard beginner friendly?

Vanguard is simple to process and to seek access with no factional share therefore, it is beginner friendly.

How much memory does Vanguard take on the PC?

The download size for PC should be 61GB for downloading while it should be 36GB only at the launch time for Multiplayer and Zombies. For PS5 and PS4, it should be 64.13GB and 54.65GB for downloading, while it should be 89.84GB and 93.12GB for the required space, respectively.

Is it worth buying Vanguard?

If you are a beginner and looking for low-cost investing then going for Vanguard is the best option available as it does an excellent job of helping players.

What will happen if I uninstall Vanguard?

Your game, like Valorant, won’t run without Vanguard, so if you want to continue playing with your game, then you need to re-enable it in your system by restarting the computer.

Conclusion | Vanguard Keeps Crashing

These are all the possible reasons why Vanguard keeps on crashing too frequently. One major problem with the software is that it is made with the most basic resources; thus, a lot of time and dedication is not spent on its creation. This is where the developing team of Vanguard needs to catch up. Even beyond these reasons, Vanguard is still a famous software and is used by many users daily.

The above solutions should definitely fix the crashing issue for you, although if the problem persists, you can always contact the support team of the game in which you are running Vanguard. Undoubtedly, the software is a boon for gaming lovers even though it sometimes does not meet their expectations.

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