Vault of Secrets Codes | All The Codes And Details

There’s nothing more entertaining than playing Geometry Dash World. But the expansion things in the game can get a little tricky for you. Well, we are talking about the Vault of Secrets. If you are in need of it and we are here to rescue you, we will list all the Vault of secrets codes to help you achieve it. 

Vault of Secrets Codes

By introducing two new secret areas such as “Treasure Room” and “Vault of secret,” Geometry Dash has kept its promise to make the game more intriguing for the players. This report will focus on the Vault of secrets and the codes related to it. Let’s get into everything you need to do to unlock the remarkable achievements and rewards by gathering keys and solving riddles. 

Vault of Secrets Codes | What you should know?

The vault of secrets is a unique area in the game that the players can go to after unlocking it. Getting into the Vault is a task, so first, we need to know how to get inside the vault. You have to follow the steps below to secure a spot inside the Vault: 

  • First, you need to go to the home screen of the game.
  • Look for the icon to the right of the play button with a wrench and hammer.
  • That would be the “Tools Menu,” Now click on it. 
  • You will see a lock in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap the lock.
  • The Key Master will appear and will check whether you can pass. If you have 50 diamonds, you will be good to get access. 

geometry dash home screen

Vault of Secrets | List Of All The Codes You Need

Now that we have entered the vault, it’s time to solve the riddles and unlock the achievement and rewards. Currently, when the report is being written, there haven’t been any new updates, so please keep in mind that some of the codes below might be unredeemable in the future. 

(Always keep in mind that “Vaults of Secret” and “The vault” are two different things, but for convenience, we would be using “Vaults” as “Vaults of Secrets”) 

Vaults of Secret Codes | Riddles 

Riddle One: To Unlock a Secret

The riddle would be : 

  • So you met with the gatekeeper. I heard he made fun of me. Made fun of “Sparky.” Like he has a better name. What does “Clubfub” mean anyway? I mean. Oh No! I didn’t tell you anything

            The answer/ code is CLUBFUB. 

            The code name is Cold as Ice.

Riddle One: To Unlock a Secret

Riddle Two: To Unlock a New Icon

  •  Oh, my head. I feel so drained. It would be nice to get some energy. You know, for my head. Nothing? Ok. You shall not pass.

The answer to this Riddle is BrainPower. The Code is known as Ultimate Energy.

Riddle Three: To Unlock a New Color

  • Which came first? The chicken or The egg? The egg, of course. Then the egg laid the chicken, and the chicken said, “The password is on fire!”. I need to get some rest.

The answer is TheChickenIsOnFire. The Code is known as Burnt Chicken.

Riddle Four: To Unlock a New Icon

  • So there is a Tree, a very short tree. In this tree lives a witch. A very short witch. The witch stinks fish; my question to you is this … On a scale to the Tree and Fish, How many shinies do you have?

Let us show you the way: Count the number of stars you have and put it in the answer because shinies mean stars here. 

The answer is (The number of stars you have). The code is known as I can Count.

Riddle Five: To Unlock a New Icon

  • I have always been odd. Remove my start, and I am even. When you complete this riddle, I hope you are leaving. Can you go now? 

The answer is Seven. The code is known as Can’t be fooled. 

Riddle Two: To Unlock a New Icon

Riddle Six: To Unlock the Challenge Level

  • Just don’t tell RubRub. I am building my own level. I call it “The challenge” Hope it gets featured but probably not. RubRub will never notice me. 

The answer is The Challenge. The code is known as Wanna Hear A Secret? 

Another thing to note is this code makes the Challenge Level visible, and make sure to have 200 diamonds to unlock the tier.

These were the riddles that you would face in the game. Now let’s get to know the codes.

Riddle Six: To Unlock the Challenge Level

Vaults of Secret Codes | The Codes 

Here is the list of codes you need to know inside the vault of secrets: 

Code One: Uber Hacker

This one may look complex, but it is not. Just follow the steps below.

  • First, enter the code “Code3breaker.”
  • After you are done, A series of numbers will pop up on your screen. Make sure you write those numbers down.
  • Subtract #2 – #1
  • Subtract #3 – #2
  • Subtract #4 – #3 
  • Subtract #5 – #4
  • Subtract #6 – #5 
  • Write the answers to all the following equations in one long form, side to side. 
  • Now enter the number, and you are good to go. 

Code Two: Sneaky Sneak

To unlock a new icon, type the code OCTOCUBE

Code Three: Paint Bucket

To unlock a new color type, the code gimmiethecolor

Code Three: Glubfub

To unlock the secret coin, follow the steps below: 

  • First, you need to speak to the Vault’s face so keep clicking on it.
  • Keep clicking till he starts talking about the Spookies
  • Face the first vault and start speaking to him
  • Keep clicking on his face till he tells you about Glubpub
  • Keep talking till the text starts turning white 
  • Go back to the face on vaults of secrets
  • Then type “ Glubpub,” and there you go.

Frequently Asked Questions | Vault of Secrets Codes

What to do when Vaults of Secrets Codes not working? 

There have been zero updates on new codes. That means no new codes have been introduced, so all the old ones should work perfectly. You must check the spelling of the code you are trying to redeem from the codes mentioned earlier and the riddles.

What is the Vault of secrets code in Geometry Dash? 

Most codes are to be redeemed after you figure out a riddle. Some direct codes include OCTOCUBE to unlock a new icon, and for a new color, you can enter the code gimmiethecolor.

How to open the door to the Vault of Secrets? 

The door to the Vault of Secrets can be opened using 50 diamonds. You can refer to the first section of our report, as we have mentioned a straightforward step-by-step tutorial on finding and opening the door to the vault of secrets.

Where to put in the Vault of Secrets Codes?

After you have entered the Vault of secrets, all you need to do is click on the locks, and when the space where you can insert the Code, pops up, write the code down and redeem the rewards. 


That’s all for Geometry Dash ‘Vault of secrets codes’. We have tried gathering the information you need to finish the step. We hope it was of some use to you. Let us know if we missed anything. 

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