How to view Full-size Instagram Photos (Guide 2022)

We all use social media these days as it has become the most reliable time pass for all of us and a massive way to stay connected to our dear ones. Instagram is one of the most used social media handles, we all must have wanted some extensions, and user profile photos are the most curious blog spot for each one of us. The Instagram profile photo can neither be previewed nor zoomed in, it just stays there as it is in a circle whenever you open the profile. There is no such option to view full-size Instagram photos through app preferences.

Since there are some sneaky ways to easily open and zoom into Instagram photos even when the account is not followed by you and is private, this article focuses on some of the ways that you haven’t even thought about through which you can easily view full size Instagram photos.

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View Full-size Instagram Photos: How-to Guide 2022

These modern tech hacks are astonishing and easy to use, whether in the browser or on your mobile phone. There are local ways to access the profile photos to the full screen of your computer or mobile, but only a few of us are well aware of those hacks. Whether you want to stalk someone’s profile photo without letting them know, we have all the required ways to help you view full-size Instagram photos, may it be the display picture centuriated in a circle or the feed.

You may have never thought that viewing full size images can become this easy! Given below are some of the effective and approved ways to view full size Instagram photos on your respective device.

Viewing full size photos on Computer Browser

We all must have used Instagram through web browsers and did you know that browser viewing is the most effective step when it comes to viewing full size photos. Excited to know the method for viewing anyone’s Instagram profile photo in full size? So, let’s get to it:

  • Firstly, we’ll need a search engine for this method as it won’t work on web browsing apps that are available on google. So, open up any browser (such as chrome), and log into your Instagram.
  • Now, to visit the profile photo which you want to see in full size, log into your Instagram account through the browser.
  • After logging in, go to the profile of the person whose profile photo you want to see in full size.
  • Click on the required profile photo you wish to see in and add “media/?size=l” to the profile photo’s URL (here l means large size or full screen preview).

Lets understand more easily through an example:

 Consider the URL of the Instagram profile photo something like “”

Then, add “media/?size=l” to it at the URL’s end. It’ll become as:

“ ”

After typing, click Enter. It will direct you to a new page which will consist the full size of the desired profile photo you have selected. You can use your scroller to zoom in and zoom out into that photo! This would require the use of the internet and displaying may take some time adjusting pixels and size, so having patience will be much appreciated.

For Android Phones Or iPhone/iPad

Instagram apps on our mobile phones also don’t allow us to view profile photos even when we try tapping on them! But now, just relax and whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can easily preview a full-size Instagram profile photo on your mobile phones too. You can either use the “Instagram Profile Picture Downloader” which you find on, or the most genuine and reliable app, “Qeek” which is available on both play store and apple store, to view any Instagram full-size profile picture. Other applications just waste your time on advertisements but the mentioned ones are genuine and to the point. The steps for viewing the photo in full-size are as follows:

  •       Download the app available on both Play Store as well as App Store.  
  •       Then, type the username of the person whose Instagram profile photo you want to view in full-size or download.View full size Instagram photos
  •       You’ll see the list of users with that name, select the required person username (which will probably be the first one only).
  •       Now, click on the Instagram profile photo visible there, or you can even click on Fullscreen.
  •       After this, you’ll be able to see full size Instagram photo of the desired person and that too in high resolution.

Note: The application does feature premium membership which is to track your followers. There is no need to opt for it as viewing full-size pictures is for free.

Quivering facts about full-size photo viewing!

  • You can switch as many tabs as you want and open your full size photos as many times as you want on your web browser.
  • Downloading full size images is also possible through web just by right clicking on the photo and selecting the save option, and the photo will be saved full-size on your PC.
  • You can pinch in your mobile phone to zoom in and zoom out from the photos whenever you like.
  • There is an option to share the photo (WhatsApp, Instagram chats, etc.) just by clicking the “share” button at the right corner of your mobile screen.
  • The main relief in all of this is that the user won’t even get a hint of what all is happening with his/her Instagram photos!

FAQs | View Full-size Instagram Photos

Can I view anyone’s Instagram profile picture full size?

 You can view anyone’s Instagram profile picture full size by following the many ways, out of which some are mentioned in this article.

 Can I even download any user’s Instagram profile photo, or can I see it in full size?

 Yes, you can also view the photo, download it either by saving it through a browser or by clicking the option “download” on mobile phone applications. 

 How can I see someone’s Instagram profile picture in full size?

 You can either use the URL method, i.e., by adding “media/?size=l” to its URL (if you are using PC), Or another way is that you can download the app on your mobile devices and follow the further steps.

 Do these methods work for private accounts also?

 Yes, this can easily view or download anyone’s Instagram profile photo, whether it’s a public or private account. Almost everyone use Instagram on their phones only, but I prefer my PC to suffer through Instagram. So, can I view someone’s Instagram profile photo through my PC?

 For sure, you can view someone’s Instagram profile photos through your PC. Copy the UPL on the photo from the top and add “media/?size=l” to its URL. Then press Enter, and there you’ll be able to see someone’s Instagram profile photo in full size.

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Closure| View Full-size Instagram Photos

Your access to have a look at the small sized Instagram profile photos has cleared, from viewing enlarged feeds to profile photos of even private accounts is now possible just by following some steps. Available for both Computer browsers as well as on mobile applications, it has now become easy to stalk someone through their profiles and the feature which allows you to zoom into the photos makes it the cherry on top.

These simple yet efficient steps will help you out in viewing full size Instagram photos in handy. Instagram didn’t have this feature of viewing full size photos ever since the beginning. But now, viewing them has become very much easier. The mobile applications allow a variety of ranges which even downloads the profile picture you are viewing on your mobile phone. Enjoy safe stalking and viewing of photos on your tab or PC.

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