Warzone Keeps Crashing PC | Try this Fix (Tested)

Warzone is a great game, but at some point, it started crashing for no apparent reason. There are thousands of people playing online, which might be a reason for the issue. Warzone keeps crashing PC and becomes unresponsive when people try to enter the Warzone. It is not a bad game, but since its release, Warzone has been plagued by crashes and connectivity issues. This article will provide an explanation of this bug and share potential solutions for it.

Why Warzone Keeps Crashing PC

Warzone Keeps Crashing PC | Causes and Solutions

Players have been reporting crashes specifically in Warzone, though this issue has been occurring primarily in multiplayer. It keeps crashing during matchmaking and loading. Sometimes when you try to open it in a new tab, it’ll keep crashing while loading; this may be because there’s an issue with the server connection and sometimes also Steam downloads.

One possibility is related to video drivers. With most modern video drivers, there are two ways that you can install it. The first way is to install the version from the card manufacturer (default version). The second way is to install a modified version of the driver that has been tweaked and tweaked by your favorite overclocking software, such as MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner Gaming.


Another possibility is that this is a Windows 10 bug. It is possible that Windows 10 is behind in implementing the game, causing it to crash. If a player chooses to revert back to Windows 8.1, they can potentially still run Warzone, though they will lose all of their saved data since they have upgraded to Windows 10.

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Possible Fixes | Warzone keeps Crashing PC

Several reasons may cause Warzone to crash your computer. This can include hardware incompatibility, software incompatibility, and hardware/software conflict. It is also possible that Warzone has been inadvertently removed from your PC and reinstalled in the wrong location. Ensure you have updated drivers for both your video card and sound card and installed any Windows updates before continuing troubleshooting.

This is often a very frustrating issue that many players run into with the game crashing, freezing, or just not responding at all. If you would like to fix this problem, we suggest that you follow the steps below:

1) Update your game: The game will not work properly until you run the update. Unfortunately, this is a major problem that many people experience. Although the game gets updated regularly and seems to bring most of the bugs and issues, there are still many players who cannot handle the process. If you are one of these players, we suggest you do not run this update.  


2) Connection Problems: If you have some connection problems, we suggest you restart your computer and try opening the game again. Sometimes issues can arise if your internet is unstable or slow. 


3) Update graphics and cards driver: Download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s site and install it. If none of the above works, you can try lowering the texture quality to medium or low. 


4) Close other running apps: Some of the game’s files might be corrupt. Close every other app running, including browsers, and restart the PC.


5) Restart PC: Sometimes, a Warzone error might come from your PC’s hardware. Leave the PC switched off for a few minutes, and then turn it back on again. Try rerunning Warzone. This should fix the issue if you have a bad hardware component. 


6) Update Windows: Update your Windows to the latest version. You can’t play these types of games in the older versions of windows; they may not support it.  


7) Corrupt files: There can be various reasons for a Warzone error. Your game files can get corrupted for various reasons, so you must repair them to run Warzone successfully on your computer.


Additional Tips-

  • Do not install any other game or application at the same time as installing or playing Warzone so as not to affect performance too much and lead to serious crashes.
  • Ensure you are using the latest version of Warzone from the Steam store and that your computer has enough memory.  
  • Let your computer cool down a little before playing so it can handle more challenges.   
  • Run it as administrator and ensure that your computer has been set to a power-saving mode so as not to affect performance.
  • Make sure you have created a game backup before you start playing it. 
  • Ensure that your Anti-Virus software is not blocking Warzone’s files or any other games.

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FAQs | Warzone Keeps Crashing PC

Why is Warzone crashing?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but here are some likely culprits that you can do something about: 

Your graphics card: If you upgraded your graphics card in the last year, it would make sense that you might be experiencing an issue with Warzone. Windows Insider Preview: This can cause problems with DirectX and Warzone. 

DirectX: Make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX.

What graphics card do I need to play Warzone? 

This requires a graphics card that supports Direct X 2004 or later (DirectX 11.0 minimum) and at least 1 GB of video RAM. You can check your drivers to see if there are updates available, which will help Warzone run better.

What happens if I ignore these warnings and continue to play? 

You could run into problems when you are playing Warzone. The game will eventually freeze and crash, or things may act “funny” or laggy. If this occurs, please wait for the game to actually close before opening it again. After this, be sure to delete your cache files so that the game doesn’t have a problem opening in the future.

I’m getting a black screen with Warzone. What’s the deal? 

Your anti-virus software may be blocking the game. If you did not set up your anti-virus program to automatically scan files when they are accessed, try enabling that feature to ensure it is not blocking Warzone.


Many PC users encounter the crash of Warzone from time to time. They get frustrated and can’t stop it from happening again and again. The problem of Warzone crashing PCs is widespread in the world. There are a lot of gamers who think that this is due to Steam downloads or computer system specs problems. We hope you have got the solution to encounter such problems. The Warzone team is working on a patch that can fix this problem.

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