What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

There are a lot of features on Snapchat which many users still don’t know about and wonder if it’s a glitch or bug. Snapchat is being used a lot these days by teenagers to communicate with their friends by sending them snaps of their day to day life but sometimes your snaps or text messages on Snapchat goes pending and there have been a lot of queries about it. Today we will be answering “What does pending mean on Snapchat?”, what are its causes and how you can fix it. 

what does pending mean on snapchat

Before we begin with the answers, I would like to tell you that most of the time it’s not a Snapchat bug or glitch but a feature in Snapchat which most of us don’t know about. So go through till the end of this article to get answers to all your questions.

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What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

The “Pending” message on Snapchat means that due to some reasons your message has not been delivered to the recipient and you will see “Pending” written below the person name and if you have sent a snap to them the arrow which indicates your snap status will be in grey colour.

what does pending mean on snapchat reasons

There are a few reasons for the “Pending” message notification you are getting and we have listed them out for you with a few fixes you can try.

Why Does Snapchat Say Pending In Grey? Reasons

You Are Not Friends Or Removed From Friends On Snapchat

This is one of the most common reasons why you are getting a pending message on Snapchat when trying to text someone. It may be possible that the person you have texted earlier used to be friends with you on Snapchat but has removed you from their friend list now. In this case, Snapchat does not send a notification and you will see pending written below the recipient’s name when you text them.

Also, when you have recently added someone on Snapchat and instantly text them when they have not added you back you will get a pending message. It depends on the recipient’s privacy settings if they want to receive a text from anyone or just their friends. 

Here’s how to can change your contact settings to “My friends”:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app and click on your bitmoji on the top left of the screen in the camera section.

change snapchat privacy settings

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner.

click on settings

Step 3: Now scroll down to the “Who can” section and click on “Contact me” and change it to “My friends”.

change contact me to my friends snapchat

Similarly, change the “View my story” to “Friends only” or create a custom list of friends you want.

You Are Blocked On Snapchat

If you are blocked on Snapchat you will see a pending message when you try to contact that person but how can we tell if you have been blocked or just unfriended? Here’s a simple trick that will help you, just search that person‘s name on your friend list and if the name appears it means you have been unfriended and if it didn’t it means you are blocked.

The Person Deleted Their Snapchat Account

Unfortunately, when someone deleted their account Snapchat won’t remove their name from your friend list and even let you text them but it goes to pending. So, there are chances that the person you are texting has deleted their account from Snapchat.

Snapchat glitch or server down problem

Snapchat has been witnessing a lot of server problems and glitches for quite a long time and there are chances that there is a server problem due to which your message has been stuck on pending. 

Slow Internet Connection

A lot of times the problem is simple but we think of it as something bigger and it can be the case with you too. The problem might be with your internet connection because Snapchat consumes a lot of data and needs a good internet connection. Try changing from Wifi to mobile data and your problem might be solved.

How To Fix Pending Message On Snapchat

Clear Snapchat Cache

If there is a bug or glitch in the Snapchat app then you can try to clear the cache to solve the pending message problem.

 Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app and click on your bitmoji in the top left corner.

Step 2: Go to settings.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “Clear cache” under “Account actions”. 

clear snapchat cache

Step 4: Click on “Clear” and your cache memory will be removed.

click continue

Now restart the app and try to send the message again.

Reinstall The App

You can try to uninstall the Snapchat app and then install it again, this is one of the most common fixes which works for most of your app-related problems.

Contact The Person

It could be possible that the person you have texted on Snapchat has missed your friend request or they have deleted their account from Snapchat so the best possible solution for this could be to directly contact the person on some other app and ask them about it.


Why Does Snapchat Say Pending When I Didn’t Send Anything?

Pending on Snapchat also shows up even when the other person has removed you from their friend list or still hasn’t accepted your friend request.

Why Does It Say Pending On Snapchat But Still Friends?

Sometimes Snapchat shows pending just below the recipient’s name even when you are friends with them. This is mainly due to internet connection issues or Snapchat server down problems, so make sure you have a working internet connection and there is no server problem with Snapchat.


Snapchat is a complex app at the start but once you get used to it, it’s much more fun than other social media apps. One such feature or you might call it a glitch on Snapchat is the “Pending” message written just below a person’s name. In this blog post, we have discussed what does pending mean on Snapchat and what are its causes and some of the possible fixes you can try.

These fixes will not work for you if you have been blocked or unfriended by the person you are trying to contact so keep that in mind.

If you found this article helpful or have any queries regarding this problem, let us know in the comment section down below.

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