What Is a RAC Catch In Madden 22? | Ultimate RAC Catch Guide

As a student of the game, you have undoubtedly noticed that, especially at the professional level, there’s much more that goes into winning games than simply outsourcing your opponent. What is a RAC Catch in Madden 22? The RAC category has been introduced to measure an individual player’s success in catching passes. Unlike other Madden stats like rushing yards and scoring touchdowns, this one is pretty complex and requires strategic planning to master on the field.

What Is a RAC Catch In Madden 22?

This blog post will explore exactly what a RAC catch is in Madden 22, the rules of obtaining one, and how you can use it to win at Madden. You’ll need a good pass rush in this game to gain control of the ball and then use your RAC catch on an unsuspecting defender. But be careful not to leave yourself open for a sure touchdown pass or fumble by either walking away from the ball or committing an illegal block.

What Is a RAC Catch In Madden 22? | Ultimate RAC Catch Guide

You’ve come across this blog because you are trying to find the definition of a RAC catch. We have broken down what a catch is and explained why it’s important. RAC stands for “Run After Catch, “and it’s a catch made in the air. The goal is to get off a pass before the receiver has landed from jumping up to catch the ball. This is why you have so many film reviews in this game: in order to obtain RAC catches, you need to know how fast your quarterback throws and how hard he throws it.

RAC Catch in Madden 22

The RAC catch is a maneuver in the game Madden 22 that allows the receiver to tip the ball to himself to make an improbable but exciting catch. It varies in difficulty, but the receiver must push off one hand, with one foot planted, to make the catch. The catch is so tricky that it will only make it to a video game because nobody would ever be able to pull off the move, even if there were a RAC catch in real-life-like conditions.

How to get RAC Catch in Madden 22

Madden NFL is the official American football game series for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Madden 22 was released in August 2021. And it’s become a big hit in the market because it adds new features like Draft Champions, Skills Trainer and Franchise Mode. It also has improved its graphics, animation, and physics engine to make your gameplay more realistic.

RAC Catch in Madden 22

RAC stands for “Run After Catch” in Madden 22, where you run and catch the ball. An icon appears above the player’s head, with their number progressively increasing as they catch the ball more. If a player catches the ball in traffic or is tackled by a defender before they can get to 10 yards of distance away from them, then they will get a RAC Catch. The feature was added in Madden 17 because it gives you more control over how to play offense.

Getting a RAC catch is relatively easy, whether you are playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox. In all PC, PS4s or Xbox, make sure the receiver is near you and has a clear area, and no one is blocking him.

On PS4

Let the receiver come near you. Now you just have to click on the player to whom you are throwing the ball and click on the ‘square button.’ This way, the player will get a RAC catch.


On Xbox

All the process remains the same as for PS4 except for one step. When your receiver reaches near you, click on the player to whom you are throwing the ball and click on the X button, and you will get a RAC catch.

RAC Xbox


Again, all the processes remain the same as PS4. When the receiver is near you, click on the receiver play and again click the Q button; this way, you will get a RAC catch.


FAQs | What Is a RAC Catch In Madden 22?

What is the difference between a normal catch and a rusted catch in Madden 22?

In football, three types of catches are available to players (normal, tipped, and rusted). You can make any catch for any kind of situation. In practice or during regular gameplay, you will be awarded a RAC if you make a tipped or rusted catch at the far-left side of the playart. In other words, if you are playing defense and your player catches an interception in which you may have been tipped by an offensive player – no matter what the playart looks like – it is considered a RAC.

How important is RAC in Madden NFL?

This is an essential skill to learn, as it will allow you to reach places in the field that you wouldn’t normally be able to. This can be used by both offense and defense! It’s important because it will help you quickly get out of bounds when your team needs a first down or touchdown. For example, if you’re in your own end zone, you can execute a RAC Catch to quickly get out of the end zone and stop the clock.

What if I did not have possession of the ball when I was cut?

The receiver must have possession of the ball in order to have possession and maintain control of the ball. A receiver is considered to possess the ball when he secures control of inbounds.

How do I perform a RAC Catch?

First, make sure you have the right receiver. You need a fast and agile receiver with good jumping abilities, like the elite receiver in Madden NFL 20.

How do I execute a RAC Catch on defense?

When defending a player making a Running After Catch, focus on not letting him reach the sideline. In other words, try to keep him in your area.

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It’s a pretty impressive play, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to do in real life. The Madden series is perhaps the most popular football video game by far. The reason for that is that it is an innovative product that offers users many new contents. This can be visible in the many ways it has been improved. On the one hand, developers constantly improve the gameplay and create numerous new features to make your experience more interesting. On the other hand, they also try to add content to each version of Madden, which looks pretty similar to every different version of Madden ever playable before.

In the end, this article has provided a brief overview of some aspects to remember when playing Madden. Hopefully, it will help you better understand what you need to know about Madden and get more enjoyment out of your game.

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