What is Tap Strafing Apex? | How To Ace It?

Tap Strafing is a movement technique used in video games to move quickly while also aiming in the direction of your mouse or joystick movement. Apex Legends is a game in the battle royale genre. It is a free-to-play game available on PC and Xbox One operated by Electronic Arts. The game has been well received, receiving high praise from gaming critics and players. In this blog, let’s know what is Tap Strafing Apex exactly and what are its use.

What is Tap Strafing Apex?

In the world of Apex Legends, Tap Strafing allows players to shoot in the direction they are moving. It is a very useful technique on consoles but can easily be replicated with a mouse. Apex Legends is the newest game in a constantly changing and innovating genre – battle royale. Apex Legends is available to play on many platforms. The game has garnered an immense following in a short period due to its high-quality gameplay and addictive nature. Each player has access to several unique Legend characters and must fight to be the last survivor on the map. The game features bold colors, jetpacks, and rumbling gas drops that can help players traverse the map.

What Is Tap Strafing Apex? | How To Ace It?

Tap Strafing is one of the quickest techniques for moving around in Apex Legends, and it’s successful when used in conjunction with a good tactical approach. However, it isn’t easy to use Tap Strafers without being detected, so it’s best only to use it when you have teammates nearby.

Using Tap Strafing, players can quickly move while aiming in the direction they are running. This allows you to react promptly to enemies or obstacles at closer ranges than your character may be inherently capable of. When applied correctly, it can make it difficult for the enemy team to hit you unless they’re using a pretty high firearms weapon for their distance.


You can use tap strafing with simple sound tactics too. If you’re running past an enemy during a Firefight, players can tap straf until they are about five meters away. Then use a suppressed weapon to kill them quickly. This will temporarily stop enemies from shooting at you, but your escape could be interrupted if you don’t finish the tap straf straight away.

Tap-strafing allows players to traverse the map faster than they would be able to otherwise. This is extremely valuable to players when getting to and securing positions quickly, such as prime spots on the map or catching a player off-guard with a flank.

How to do Tap Strafing in Apex Legends

You can have additional information about the enemy’s position with this technique. If you want to up your game in Apex Legends and make sure no one can take you down, mastering a champion’s abilities is the key. One of the best ways to perfect your gameplay and gain an edge over other enemies is mastering the art of tap strafing. 

What is Tap Strafing Apex?

By tapping the movement keys on your keyboard, you can go around corners slowly and gradually, allowing you to have enhanced coverage of the enemy. It has its own pros and cons, each being different for each situation.

  • Depending on which direction you want to go, press shift, control, and simultaneously while holding one of your strafe keys
  • Jump and hold either A or B
  • Holding the A or D keys while jumping in the air, flick the scroll wheel. While in the air, release the W key
  • Rotate to 180 degrees in an instant by moving the mouse in the indented direction while continuously scrolling the mouse wheel

FAQs | What is Tap Strafing Apex?

What is “tap strafing”?

Tap strafing refers to the ability of a character in a shooter-type game to choose their side as they move. A common technique used in shooters is that when you’re not holding down on the movement button, your character will automatically strafe left and right (or right and left) until you press the key again. In Apex Legends, you can use this to perform an evasive maneuver by rapidly turning your character back and forth while standing completely still.

Why would you want to tap-strafe?

There are several reasons why changing your face while moving rapidly is beneficial. First and foremost, it allows you to strafe left and right with the full range of movement on your controller, which can prevent taking damage from behind or at least make you less predictable.

Where can it be used? 

Tap strafing can only be done on certain parts of the map, specifically rooftops or, in some cases, the trash chute. Players can tap-strafe in open areas of the map.

Why is tap strafing better than standing still while shooting?

If you stand still while shooting in Apex Legends, your character will stop moving in that direction and fire straight ahead. Tap strafing will move your character as if you were moving diagonally and fires out to that side.

How can I practice tap strafing?

You can also practice it in-game by running toward enemy players and firing as soon as they engage you. Keep moving away, so you end up further away from the enemy than you were initially. This will help you get used to doing it while being attacked.

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Conclusion | What is Tap Strafing Apex?

In this post, we have discussed what Tap Strafing is in Apex Legends. Initially, it was described as a new mode that allows players to practice their skills at fighting and shooting with a weapon in general. Using a game like this, you can improve your aiming and timing and your skills in operating the weapon. However, as you can probably imagine, Apex Legends features an innovative twist that has led to its Tap Strafing controversy.

For starters, the game is free and available on all platforms. Unlike most FPS games, there are no class loadouts; you can switch between any of the 8 characters at will to suit your playstyle.

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