Why Does Blaidd Attack You? (Complete Breakdown)

Gamers assemble! We’ve come a long way from being to a mere technological square peg in a round hole at a science fair to burgeoning as one of the most fruitful entertainment industries in the world. One has no choice but to take a bow when we see how the revolution in this industry has opened doors for the posterity of inquisitive gamers!

Why Does Blaidd Attack You

Now that it’s been said, how can we not talk about the biggest, most palatial game of the year – Elden Ring? We know how the Soulbournes series whipped our hearts out with those magnificent visuals and concepts with every single on the series. Elden Ring has the sensibilities and mechanics of the other glorious games by FromSoftware with bawns of its forerunners that would exhilarate the diehard fans and bring in the new ones to the court in one shot! However, one question still persists for all the engaged players of this game – Why does Blaidd attack you?

Why Does Blaidd Attack You? – The Complete Breakdown

Elden Ring is a fantasy action-RPG adventure game developed by FromSoftware and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc, released on  February 25th of 2022. You will not believe whose hands are behind the creation of the fantasy world – Hidetaka Miyazaki, the visionary who changed the gaming world with his intricate designs and direction of the Dark Souls series. The second creator is none other than the Game Of Thrones’ quixotic author George R.R. Martin! 

The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Blaidd is a creature who’s a mutant – half man, a half wolf who’s an inhabitant of the dark, wondrous land of the Mistwood Ruins. He is introduced to us as the guardian of Ranni, the witch. He’s under the control of the Greater Will and was imposed with an order to protect and be a companion to Ranni. However, his fate is written such that he would eventually turn into the reason for her death, her killer. 


It’s quite a “take-a-step-back” moment when one of the most loyal and affable characters turns hostile towards you in a jiffy once you enter the zone of Ranni’s quest. There could be a few reasons that owe to his erratic behavior. If you have 

The First Reason

Well, this one’s pretty understandable. Imagine you got into a brawl with one of those impudent customer-care executives, and they attacked you out of sheer anger. I’d assume you wouldn’t keep your anger bottled in and take some action. There’d be chaos, but that’s expected for sure. The same logic might apply to your tassel with Blaidd in the game. He’s no saint, after all. If you were to attack him first, he’d surely fight back. 

You must be very careful about your actions and reactions when encountering any character in this game. If you attack Blaidd once, his questline will get locked, and he shall be hell-bent on killing you whenever you face him thereon. He’s a hero who fell from grace so it explains his unwillingness to take any more betrayal from anyone. Get on his good side and remain there to have a companion while you fight the “Big Boss.”

The Second Reason

While his first mission was to kill Darriwil when you first met him in  Mistwood Ruins as the “Were-Solaire”, he’d get belligerent towards you if try to harm Ranni with any aid on your side. Pursuing Ranni’s questline is one of his triggers to explode and ambush you. As an ongoing set of action sequences in this quest, a player must laze through countless obstacles and reach the Lake of Rot. However, before you do that, you must defeat Ranni, the witch’s one true protector – The Blaidd himself. 

kill Darriwil

Any harm that comes Ranni’s way despite her being in accordance with the rules of the Greater Will will cause the attacker their life. Blaidd might be your best friend, boon companion, or closest confidante until that point in the wheel of time, but when it comes to Ranni, he spares none. There is no way to stop the encounter in this quest; hence, you might have to fight and kill your probable favorite character to proceed in the game.

The Third Reason

Some users reported a bug during Beta Testing of the final version of Elden Ring. It has been said that, at times, if you end up killing the Runebear in Mistwood in phase two, Blaidd could turn hostile. You do not even need to use the Finger Snap gesture to summon him! He would appear out of thin air and attack the chosen player, thus closing off this section for the particular quest.

This bug is a hot and cold catch for the players. You may or may not experience it. However, the ones who say that it’s quite exhilarating to have this “out-of-the-blue” situation. If you think of it as one, the fix to this problem is to update the version of the game as it only appears in the older version. Another fix is mentioned in conclusion below! 

The Fourth Reason

The fourth reason is, honestly, the most heartbreaking and the most plausible. The reason for his insanity is Ranni herself. Blaidd was sworn in by the Two Fingers that if Ranni were ever to defy her fate and destiny and disobey the order of the Greater Will, Blaidd would lose every ounce of sanity left in him. He would become and bloodthirsty, vile, obnoxious piece of meat-hunting machine with no remorse for his merciless killings. His urge to kill would be uncontrollably strong. 


This wounded swear sounds like more of a curse to me! A tragic character, for real!

Conclusion | The Solution

Now that we’ve reached the end of this quest – “why does Blaidd attack you?”, I think it’s time we reveal how you deter his attempts to kill you when it’s not part of your mission to fight him. It has been tried and confirmed by game theorists that getting through everything and reaching the Church of Vows will answer your prayers. Exonerating your sins with the Celestial Dew present in the environment will de-aggravate Blaidd. 

We hope we’ve answered your queries in detail with this article! However, if there are any other questions we could answer from the gaming front, please drop them in the comments below! 

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