Why Is Adopt Me Not Working And How to Fix It? (Guide)

We know you love Adopt Me, but recently it stopped working for many of us. It’s a little surprising because it has always worked for everyone until now. It’s hard to imagine what happened, but the website Adopt Me has been broken for quite some time now. The game is now stuck with a “Network Unavailable” error message, and no one knows why is Adopt Me not working or how to fix it. But that’s what we are here for; to provide you the solutions when you reach the dead end.

Why Is Adopt Me Not Working

The game was simple. You came to the site and read about a few animals in need of good homes. You would then have to “adopt” one by clicking on the appropriate animal and filling out a questionnaire. Once done, you would get an e-mail from the shelter with a picture of your new virtual pet and its name, birthday, likes and dislikes, etc. If you forgot to choose one during your first visit, it would make suggestions based on your answers. It was a simple game that rewarded animal lovers for taking care of their new pets. But what now? How do you fix this new issue arisen? Let’s figure it out!

Why Is Adopt Me Not Working? | What Exactly Happened?

The game is seemingly not as easy to play as initially advertised. There are two types of users; those who want to be adopted by a stranger and those who want to adopt a friend. Not all the users have profiles, and many of the ones that do only have minimal information. This makes it hard to see someone you want to be adopted by since you don’t always know what they look like, their age, etc.

Adopt Me

It appears that this game is not as complex as first thought, but that does not take away from how fun it really is. Many people were excited for the game to begin and were constantly receiving notifications about new people wanting to be adopted. It’s a fun game, but the current situation needs a little more work. 

Problems with Adopt Me 

Recently, this game has been getting bad feedback from users online and offline. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the game is not working since it doesn’t have the required plugin that makes it work well with other sites on the internet. Secondly, most people think Adopt Me is slowing down their computer instead of speeding up their browsing experience as it says in its description. Thirdly, some thought that no websites would come to mind at all when playing “Adopt Me.”

not working

If you are getting a “The game Adopt Me has stopped working” error on your browser, there are three possible causes. 

1) The Adopt Me app is not working due to compatibility issues with your browser or operating system.  

2) Your internet connection is unstable, and the game lags or crashes repeatedly.  

3) There may be an issue with the Java plugin that needs to be resolved by downloading and installing updated Java software on your computer.

How to Fix “Adopt Me Not Working”?

You’ll need to follow the steps below to get the game back up and running.

Fixing through Phone

  • If your phone is rooted, try uninstalling all its apps and installing the latest version of Adopt Me. If that doesn’t work at all, try a factory reset on the device
  • Install the latest version of Adopt Me
  • Delete the apk files from your device’s storage
  • Restart your phone
  • Check your WiFi connection and delete then install the app again 
  • Update your device’s OS to its latest version
  • If the issue still occurs, try to re-install Adopt Me on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Delete any unknown apps that have been recently added

Fixing through browser

  • Clear your browser’s cache, close and re-open the browser, clear your cookies and try playing again

cache delete

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox (selected versions)
  • Try a different browser
  • Disable any AdBlockers you may have installed, as Adblocker may prevent some of our games from loading properly


  • Refresh the page and try again
  • Please check your Internet connection, or try playing from a different network
  • Ensure that you are up to date with your Flash Player
  • Click the ‘Report’ button on the bottom of this page below the game

Adopt Me

Our search reveals that this issue may have been caused by a change in Google Play Services or an account linked with another device. The fact that the plugin doesn’t work with other websites on the internet is one of the main reasons why it has been criticized so much. Once you play this game and upgrade it with other plugins, to make it work, there will be pop-up advertisements every time you want to load a website on Google Chrome. This makes browsing slower and sometimes impossible. Many users have criticized this feature almost immediately, but they can’t do anything except wait until the creator updates the game and fixes all the bugs it has come across.


Why isn’t my pet family member back in the game?

It’s possible that you can’t add your pet to your family because they are not a household pet. Household pets include dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. To add your other pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and mice, to your family, you need to adopt them.

Can I play Adopt Me on PC?

YES! You can play it on your computer. That is if you have an OS X or Linux machine.

Why is adopt me not working on my iPad?

We have found that sometimes the app may be causing a conflict with other apps on your device, so try closing out and restarting your device.

I’ve adopted a pet but how do I feed it!?

To feed your pet, you will want to visit its profile on the Adopt Me app; here, you will find a small bag of treats. Tap to reveal the number of treats you have left, then tap the amount wanted in order to feed your pet.

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Conclusion | Adopt Me Not Working

When a game doesn’t work, it can be frustrating and challenging to figure out why the issue is occurring. One of the most common reasons is the issue with how the game was built. It’s tough to guess what might happen without seeing exactly what you’re looking for.

The game Adopt Me is not working because most players can’t get past the level they enter. They keep getting stuck on a certain point and just give up. Sometimes getting lost in levels or games is fine, but here, it can also lead to a lack of interest in the game. I would recommend this game to someone looking for something to do while waiting or if they want something relaxing and mindless. It is not a game you can play while trying to do something else.

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