Why Is Fallout 4 Vats Not Working? (Quick Fix)

Fallout 4 seems like one of the best games in recent years. But even a great game can experience some initial hiccups. Some players have confirmed that many of the game’s features and mechanics are not working properly, including VATS combat. Fallout 4 features an open-world environment to explore and plenty of side quests to complete with your companions. There are two modes: Survival Mode, harder and more unforgiving with hunger, thirst, and disease mechanics, and Normal Mode, for those who want something a little easier. This article will cover everything related to Fallout 4 Vats not Working and what you can do if it doesn’t seem to work correctly.

Why Is Fallout 4 Vats Not Working?

Why Is Fallout 4 Vats Not Working? | Quick Fix

In Fallout 4, you can use VATS mode to target specific body parts of your enemies and perform specific actions against them. This combat system can be used by players to take out enemies through precise precision aiming quickly. The VATS system is also known to be very fun in some other games like Fallout: New Vegas and even Skyrim.

The VATS system, or Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, is a mechanic in Fallout 4 that allows the player to stop time and choose what body parts an enemy will be hit with. You can use the VATS system in real-time combat as well. The player will automatically switch to this targeting system if they aim their weapon at an enemy for at least a second without firing or switching targets.

However, most people notice that vats from the game do not actually work during their gameplay experience, which is what caused this post to be created.

Role of VATS in Fallout 4

VATS is an automatic, in-game system for attacking opponents and can be used at any time, but it does cost action points to use. 

Fallout 4 VATS

VATS rewards players who pay careful attention to their enemies’ physiologies, as each shot fired will do a variety of damage (or none at all) depending on where you hit your enemy. Hitting the head with a precision shot can kill or knock down most higher-level enemies in one fell swoop.

In Fallout 4, VATS plays an important role in determining a player’s ability to aim at specific parts of the enemy body. When the player pauses time and selects a body part they want to shoot, they can use their Action Points (AP) to target different body parts. The system considers your weapon’s accuracy and damage output, as well as whether it can target that area or not.

How to fix Fallout 4 Vats not Working

If you experience a problem with the VATS system in Fallout 4, it may not be due to a glitch or bug. Instead, your windows computer’s settings may be the culprit. First, please ensure that Fallout 4 is entirely up to date. If you are playing the game on steam, try restarting the application and not launching it with mods installed on your PC. If you have already tried updating the game but still cannot play Vats properly, it could be related to a graphics card issue.

There are solutions that you can use to troubleshoot the game in order to resolve any issues you may be having with it. Try these steps for Fallout 4 Vats not Working:

Check your control Settings: Check that your controller is plugged in and working correctly with your Xbox One system or PC. You should ensure the right button assignments are being used.

Step 1

Check PC space: Check if your PC has enough power or space to run the game. Low space can also result in games not running smoothly. Look at your settings menu for recommended settings and use them if possible.

Step 2

Restart your game: If your VATS is not working, try restarting your game. Sometimes this will fix the issue. If restarting the game does not work, you can try to turn off your mods.  

Step 3

Uninstall and Reinstall the game again: You can try to uninstall and then reinstall the game to see if it will fix the VATS not working issues. However, you should make sure that your game cache is clear and that all the games are saved when you do this.

Step 4 

Ensure the game is updated: Sometimes, games don’t run easily because they have outdated versions. Update your game to ensure that the latest patches are installed, especially if you’re trying to activate mods.

Step 5

Make sure the game supports your device: You should make sure that the game is fully compatible with your Xbox, PC, and PlayStation, especially if it is a newer console.

FAQs | Why Is Fallout 4 Vats Not Working?

Why does the game Fallout 4 vats not work?

There can be many possibilities, like your game has a bug, or you are running an older version and should update the game. If your problem is still unresolved, you may need to contact Customer Support.

What should I do if Fallout 4 vats do not work?

Some problems with Fallout 4 vats not working can be fixed by restarting the game, downloading updates, or verifying cache integrity. If VATS is not working for you, try exiting the game and then reloading it. If you still have problems, try turning off your antivirus software. You can also reset the game to see if this resolves the issue.

Is Fallout 4 vats not working because of virus or malware?

No, but you can have issues with your antivirus software and other security programs that may cause problems with a game. It’s best to check with them before you troubleshoot your computer to avoid problems further down the line.

I have an Xbox One, but I can’t press A to fire my weapon in Fallout 4’s VATS system! What am I supposed to do?

It sounds like you need to update your controller. Go into settings and select Controller Update. This will make sure that your button inputs are being read correctly.

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This blog post has explained how to fix Fallout 4 Vats not Working. We have explained the problem and possible solutions in this post. If you are getting the Fallout 4 Vats not Working error message, we have advised you to download the latest patches and drivers.

In conclusion, everything is well explained in this post, and we hope our readers will be able to fix Fallout 4 Vats not Working by following our steps in this article. We hope this post shall be informative and helpful to you. If you find any other solution for fixing Fallout 4 VATS not working, then please share your solution with us in the comment section below.

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