Xbox Remote Play Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Xbox is a revolutionary gaming console device developed and owned by Microsoft. With time Xbox has gained a lot of popularity among the gaming audience. That’s because of the ease and exciting gaming experience that Xbox provides its users. With time, the developers of Xbox introduced another exciting feature- the Xbox remote.

Xbox Remote Play Not Working

Xbox remote gave users the ability to play games remotely on their PCs, Android, or iOS devices. But users have recently been complaining about Xbox Remote Play not working. In this blog, we will discuss this problem in complete detail, its causes, and the possible solutions you can adopt to solve this issue.

Xbox Remote Play Not Working | Causes & Solutions

The Xbox Remote Play option allows you to play games right from your console on your PC, Android, iOS phone, or tablet devices. Compatible with almost every device, the Xbox console needs just a Bluetooth connection to fulfill your excitement.

But recently, many users worldwide have not been able to enjoy the Xbox remote play option successfully. This is a result of some common problems that occur either from the side of Xbox servers; it is usually an internal error.

Listed below are all the possible causes that can cause the Xbox remote not to work.

Xbox remote not supported

One prime reason Xbox remote play is not working can be that it isn’t available in your region. Since the company has launched Xbox remote in only some specific regions, you must make sure that it is available in your location.

Incompatible Bluetooth Version

Old devices have old Bluetooth versions. In order to connect your Xbox remotely with your device, it demands a Bluetooth connection of version 4.0 or the latest. Therefore, you must ensure that your Bluetooth connection meets the requirements of the Xbox remote.

Incompatible Bluetooth Version

If your connection is less than 4.0, Xbox will not be able to establish a connection with your device and thus will not run on it.

Device Not Compatible

Xbox demands a set of specific requirements on the device you are trying to run it on. These include Android 6.0, iOS 13, or Windows 10 devices. If your device is not compatible, the Xbox remote will not run on it. Any device latest than Windows 10 will be supported.

Therefore, incompatibility is a significant reason the Xbox remote play might not work for you.

High-End Wi-fi Connection

A 5Ghz internet connection is required to run the Xbox remote smoothly. Otherwise, an ethernet connection is more suitable than a wi-fi wireless connection. So, the Xbox remote will not run on a low internet connection. It requires a high and stable internet.

High-End Wi-fi Connection

Now that we have discussed all the significant reasons that can cause the Xbox remote to not work with your device, let us know the possible solutions that you can adopt to fix this issue. Note that the above-listed causes are the basic requirements that are needed by Xbox remote. These are required at all costs to run Xbox remote play. The below-listed solutions can fix any other issue that might have occurred with your system.

Solutions to run Xbox Remote Play | Xbox Remote Play Not Working

Fix 1: Establish a Stable Network Connection (Rebooting the Router)

An unstable network connection will hamper Xbox remote play’s functioning. Even if you expect a good internet connection from your Wi-fi device, consider rebooting your router to re-establish a stable connection on your Wi-fi.

Rebooting the Router

To reboot your router, you just have to unplug it from the socket. Wait for a few seconds, then plug it inside the socket again. It will take some time to establish a network connection. After this, connect it to your Xbox, and the remote play option should start working for you now.

Fix 2: Set Up Xbox Remote Play Correctly

While many users go wrong while setting up Xbox remote play, it ultimately does not work for them. Even if you have already set it up, we have listed below the steps to set up the Xbox remote play. Re-check if you have done it correctly and set it up again properly if you have done any wrong steps.

Below are the steps to successfully set up the Xbox remote play.

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller

Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller

  • Now go to the Profile & system option
  • Go to Settings>Devices & Connections>Remote Features
  • You will see a checkbox at the bottom stating “Enable Remote Feature,” select it

Enable Remote Features

  • On the side, there are also certain options listed. Among them go to “Power Options”
  • Then choose the “Sleep” option

sleep option Xbox

That’s all you need to do before connecting to a controller. After this, you will have to connect your Android, iOS, or Windows device to a controller and follow the steps below.

  • After connecting a controller successfully on your smartphone, download the Xbox App from the play store, the App store, or the Microsoft store
  • Open the app, log in, and go to the “My Library” option
  • Now go to the “Consoles” option and select the console that you have connected with your device
  • Choose the “Remote Play on this device” option

Ensure you follow the same steps when setting up your Xbox remote play. If you realize you made a mistake, you can set up Xbox remote play again, and this time, it should work fine. If the problem persists, you can try the steps ahead to resolve the issue.

Fix 3: Check your Ports are Open

Certain specific ports on your device need to be opened to run the Xbox network services successfully. The ports that are required to be opened include Port 88, Port 3074, Port 53, Port 80, Port 500, Port 3544, and Port 4500. Therefore, make sure that these ports are open on your router. If not, you can go to settings and successfully open these ports.

Fix 4: Reset your Xbox Console

If the issue still persists, you can consider resetting your entire Xbox console. This will reboot every setting and fix any minor issues that are occurring. You can follow the below steps to reset your Xbox console successfully.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Now go to the Profile & System section

Profile & System section

  • Inside it, go to Settings>System>Console Info
  • Tap on “Reset Console,” and a drop-down will open
  • From the three options that appear, choose the reset everything option

Reset Everything

  • You might have to reinstall the game you want to play on the Xbox remote play

After resetting the console, set up your Xbox remote play by following the steps above. This time, Xbox remote play should work fine, and your issue should be resolved.

Fix 5: Check that Multiple Controllers are not Connected

When setting up Xbox remote play on your device, you must ensure that only one controller is connected to your smartphone or PC. Connecting multiple controllers together will cause an error in running the Xbox remote play option. Also, after connecting the controller, you must select from the Xbox guide which controller you have connected to let the system know about it.

Fix 6: Go to Xbox Troubleshoot Website

If nothing works for you to fix the issue and you can still not access Xbox remote play smoothly, you can finally contact the support team Xbox. For this, you can visit the official website for Xbox troubleshooting. You can raise your issue there, and the Xbox team will soon assist you. The team will guide you accordingly and help you resolve the issue ultimately.

Does Xbox Remote Play Allow Playing Games Remotely Using Keyboard and Mouse?

When you connect a controller to your device, a basic question that arises in most people’s minds is whether they can use their keyboard and mouse to play games when using your Xbox remote. The reason is that players find it much easier and handy to use a mouse and keyboard as controllers instead of a joypad.

But to your disappointment, Microsoft still needs to develop a facility that allows you to play games through a Keyboard and mouse when using an Xbox remote play. Currently, you can only use your controller or the joystick to play games on your Xbox or your device using Xbox remote.

Xbox remote

Although, since this concern is being raised by a lot of players worldwide, it is possible that Microsoft looks upon it seriously and comes up with a solution in the future. But as of now, there is no such option available for game lovers.

FAQs | Xbox Remote Play Not Working

Can we play Xbox games from anywhere using an Xbox remote play?

Yes, using an Xbox remote, you can access your installed games on Xbox on any device. But there is a Bluetooth range to connect your device. This means that your Xbox should be in range with the device on which you want to play the games.

Why won’t my Xbox connect to my phone?

While there can be several reasons behind this problem, one possible solution to fix this issue can be to restart your mobile device and then try reconnecting your Xbox again with it.

Can I connect multiple controllers to my Windows?

Probably yes. There can be around four controllers that you can easily connect with your Windows at a time.


These were all the possible reasons that might cause the Xbox remote play to not work on your device. Although, trying the above solutions should definitely fix the issue. If not, consider contacting the troubleshooting team of Xbox to guide you through the solution.

Since the Xbox remote play not working option is quite a common problem that players often face, Microsoft already has a dedicated team to help you assist with the situation. Therefore, even if the above solutions don’t work, you will have no problem resolving the issue.

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