Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion? (All Options Explored!)

Elden Ring is a viral game among gamers currently. And that is because the game has a wide range of storylines for choices made. You might be presented with a different in-game scenario for every choice you make. The same happens during Seluvis’s questline. It is a popular question that gamers ask, “Should I hand over Seluvis potion?”

Should I Hand Over Selvius Potion?

Just like quests in any other questline of the game, Seluvis’s questline also presents you with multiple gameplay change options. When you move forward in this quest line, you will be presented with a dilemma to either hand over the potion to Sir Gideon or Nepheli. Many may not know, but there is a third option as well. We will be discussing whether or not you should hand over the potion.

If yes, then whom should you hand it over to? We’ll also talk about different cases of handing over the potion. Complete the read to get all the scenarios.

Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion? | All The Choices

When progressing through Seluvis’s questline, Seluvis will give you a potion. As soon as you receive it, the questline finishes. He will ask you to give the potion to Nepheli, in return for which he will teach you sorcery. But that’s not the only decision you can take. Let’s have a look at all the choices you can make.

Not Handing Over The Potion

After receiving the potion, you need to go to Nepheli. Then you will have the choice to either hand over the potion to Nepheli or Sir Gideon. You must make one of the choices in order to move forward in the game.

Should I Give Nepheli The Potion?

If you choose to handover the potion to Nepheli, she will drink it and become motionless. But doing this does not make any sense, gameplay-wise. Also, giving the potion to Nepheli will prevent you from playing Nepheli’s questline.


Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion To Gideon?

If you choose not to give the potion to Nepheli, then you need to visit Gideon. You can visit Gideon only after you have talked to Nepheli. Meeting Gideon, he will ask you to hand over the potion to him. He also says, to inform Seluvis that you have given the potion to Nepheli. Further, he states that Seluvis will never suspect you of the lie and also teach you sorcery.


If you are to follow Gideon’s instruction, you will see that Seluvis really doesn’t suspect anything and teaches you sorcery. Also, Gideon throws the potion away when you hand it over to him.

Give Potion To Dung Eater

Other than the option to hand over the Seluvis potion to Nepheli or Gideon, there is one more alternative. You can give the potion to the loathsome dung eater. This option is only available to you when you progress a little in the Dung Eater questline. After reaching a certain point, you will be given a chance to hand over the potion to Dung Eater. Doing so will turn him into a puppet you can use, just like other puppets you purchase from Seluvis.

Dung Eater

Well, there you have it. All the choices that you can make after receiving the potion from Seluvis. Honestly, handing over the potion to Nepheli makes no sense and doesn’t give you any additional storyline or gameplay. You can make the choice of whom to hand over the potion to. Or go with the third secret option.

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How do I give Seluvis Potion to a Dung Eater?

In order to give the Seluvis potion to Dung Eater, you need to progress a little in the Dung Eater questline. Only after progressing further will you get an option to give the potion to Dung Eater.

Conclusion | Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion?

The game Elden Ring never seems to amaze the players with different gameplay choices. Not to mention how different the storyline will move forward for every choice made. Therefore, make a decision only after thinking carefully about it. The Seluvis questline has two obvious choices and one hidden (The Dung Eater). You can read through all three options and choose the one which suits you the best.

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