Hey Spotify Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Who doesn’t know about Spotify? But for those living under a rock, Spotify is a massive music streaming service that lets you download songs to your device for free and play them on shuffle. This music streaming app has been updated with a new and improved design, but people are having some problems with it. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when listening to their favorite tunes on Spotify and it doesn’t work. The problem with this app is that its new feature, Hey Spotify, is not working. So, as usual, we are here with a solution! This blog post will cover all the ways you can troubleshoot it, and we’ll also go over some possible fixes for such common issues.

Hey Spotify Not Working

Spotify allows users to listen to pretty much any song they could ever want. It has become the “go-to” app for music listening daily, with many people using it as their de facto music player rather than their default app or iPod. The music app has come to dominate much of the music listening habits, with some estimates saying it’s been downloaded over 100 million times. But features such as Hey Spotify not working can hamper the app’s economy. Hence we are here to find the ideal fix.

Hey Spotify Not Working | Determining the Problem and Solution

If you have been using Spotify, you may have noticed the recent addition of the “hey Spotify” feature. This feature allows the user to create playlists just by telling your phone what song they want to hear next. The problem with this new “Hey Spotify” feature is that it only plays songs from an artist’s most popular album, but apart from that, users are complaining about one more major problem it has stopped or doesn’t even work.

Hey Spotify

Users are complaining that they have noticed that the Hey Spotify button doesn’t work many, if not all of the time. Users are getting irritated and find it annoying. It pops up, but then it never finishes loading, and sometimes it just hangs, requiring you to restart Spotify completely.

We’re sure most of you have told your phone to “hey Spotify” something you don’t want to hear, and you got to know that the feature is not available. Some users also report that their playlists will not build unless at least 30 songs are in a playlist.

How to Fix Hey Spotify Not Working?

If you’ve ever used Spotify or any other music streaming service, you know that sometimes the audio will refuse to play through your speakers. This can be quite maddening if you’re on your way to work and are expecting soothing tunes to start the day with. You might wonder what causes this phenomenon and how you can fix it. We’ll let you know.

Make sure you have a strong connection to the Internet, which is needed for the app to work. If you’re still having trouble, check your Firewall settings to see if Spotify is blocked from connecting. As the name implies, firewalls block mobile apps from making connections over the Internet. Once you’ve done everything above, try to connect to Spotify again. You can do this by going to the App Store and downloading it again or by reinstalling the app.

Before trying anything else, make sure you have all the latest versions of your apps installed. Sometimes old software can cause issues with new functions from an app’s update. Here are some other helpful tips for fixing it and getting your Spotify back up and running.

For computer users:

  • Restart your computer and try again
  • Refresh the page on a different device like Mac or PC
  • Clear cache in your browser by removing cookies, browsing history, and temporary internet files

Clear cache in your browser by removing cookies, browsing history, and temporary internet files

  • Make sure that you have enough data left to play Spotify
  • Try again in another browser; maybe it’s a problem with your computer/browser 
  • Reinstall the app on your device and log back in
  • Check your network connection, check if there is latency, and try a new Wi-Fi

Check your network connection, check if there is latency, and try a new Wi-Fi

  • Check if Spotify is not restricted to using only 2 devices at a time or not
  • Check if you have the latest version of Spotify

Hey Spotify Not Working Android and iOS:

  • Restart Spotify application
  • Hard-reset your phone 

Hard-reset your phone 

  • Uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app 
  • Delete cached files in the Spotify app folder (For Android users)

Delete cached files in the Spotify app folder

  • Check if there’s any update for the app installed on your phone 
  • Update to the latest version of the app


  • Give the Hey Spotify command only when the app is open; it does not work in the closed app
  • Contact Spotify customer care in case of any misunderstanding

Spotify Customer Care

FAQs | Hey Spotify Not Working

When I search for songs, they don’t show up anymore. Why not and what should I do?

The song may have been removed from Spotify or marked as Private by its owner.

I have a lot of songs on my Playlists. How can I share them with friends?

You can use our “Hey Spotify” feature. It will send you a link to your playlist so that you can share it with anyone you want.

How do I use Hey Spotify to block someone’s playlist?

On your computer, go to the “Settings” page and enable “Notifications.” Then, under the Notifications section on the Playlist Settings page, you will see a drop-down menu and a button that says “Block.” Click on it and enter the name of the person you want to block (or anyone else) on their playlist.

Why can’t I stream music even though I have a free trial?

Hey Spotify works best on desktop and mobile devices, so if you’re trying to listen on a laptop, it’s probably not working because you’re using an older version of Windows. You can update your operating system from here.


We hope now you are clear with why is Hey Spotify not working and what you can do about it. Many people with Spotify account issues, including error codes, are getting in a difficult spot. This usually happens when you sign up to one of the most popular streaming services and later realize that it’s not your type of music. First, you must ensure that you are using the latest version of Spotify. You can do this by opening the official app store on your smartphone and checking the version number.

Spotify is a good app for music junkies like all of us, and it’s just currently facing some issues with the latest update, and the fixing process is going on. You can wait till they find a way or use it like the older version. Despite the problem, you can still enjoy all your favorite songs.

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