Exploit Chansey Weakness Pokemon Go | An Absolute Guide

Pokemon Go has been a real consideration by players worldwide. Relating to the days when you used to watch Pokemon- the cartoon-with genuine excitement, Pokemon Go has helped us return to those days. As the game gains popularity, there are certain Pokemons that players find challenging to catch.

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Chansey is one such Pokemon in Pokemon Go that players often find tricky to deal with. Gamers have been googling “Chansey Weakness Pokemon Go” to find a definite answer. Thus we are here to give you a complete insight into the weaknesses of Chansey and how you can exploit them to capture this Pokemon in your Pokeball successfully.

Chansey Weakness Pokemon Go | All Weaknesses Exposed

Despite Chansey being a regular Pokemon, players often face difficulty dealing with it. Usually, this is the case with beginners in the game or if you haven’t been playing Pokemon Go regularly. But worry not, for you can surpass Chansey easily just by following a correct strategy and attacking right on its weak zones. But before we do that, let us know a bit about Chansey.

Who is Chansey?

To explain briefly, Chansey is a standard type of Pokemon in Pokemon Go that belongs to the Kanto region. This Pokemon lays excellent eggs daily that are so tasty to fulfill your appetite in no time. Regarding its evolutions, Chansey evolved after being fed around 25 candies and walking 15 km. Its evolution types include Happiny to Chansey to Blissey (when fed 50 candies). Along with this, Chansey can act as a Buddy Pokemon too.


When you face Chansey in Pokemon Go, beware of its outstanding attacking skills, including the Pound and Zen Headbutt attacks, among other fast attacks. Additionally, Chansey is also known to use charged attacks like Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Beam, Psychic, and Psybeam.

Now that you know much about the Chansey Pokemon, let us dive into its weaknesses and learn how to exploit them to defeat Chansey and ultimately capture it.

Weakness 1: Weak to Fighting Moves

Chansey is a standard type of Pokemon in Pokemon Go and is weak in fighting moves. This means you can use a combination of the best fighting moves against this Pokemon. The best fighting moves will deal a lot of damage to Chansey in an epic fight. But how will you use these moves against it?

Of course, through other mons in the game. So you only need to pick the best Pokemon that will deal damage efficiently using their fighting moves. The other weaknesses of Chansey will include some of the best Pokemon you can use to defeat it.

Weakness 2: Lopunny (Mega) Attacks

This fighting-type Pokemon, Mega Lopunny, is an efficient fighter and a master in using fighting attacks. Competing against Lopunny will be an excellent challenge for Chansey as it is already weak to fighting type attacks, whereas Mega Lopunny is a master of it.

Lopunny (Mega) Attacks

Therefore, Lopunny will be among the primary opponents against Chansey and will definitely help you to win this battle.

Weakness 3: Other Fighting Mons’

Apart from Lopunny Mega being one of the toughest opponents against Chansey, there are many other good combinations of Pokemons you can try to defeat it.

Following are all the possible raid counters you can use against Chansey in Pokemon Go.

  • Shadow Machamp

Shadow Machamp

  • Lucario


  • Shadow Gallade
  • Breloom
  • Conkeldurr


  • Shadow Hariyama

Shadow Hariyama

  • Shadow Alakazam
  • Gallade
  • Bewear


Along with the above ‘mons, you can also use some other non-shadow ‘mons to fight Chansey. These are:

  • Blaziken


  • Darkrai
  • Terrakion
  • Alakazam


  • Toxicroak
  • Chesnaught


  • Heracross

Although these Pokemon can be efficient in fighting Chansey, the best counter until now has been of five unique ‘mons in Pokemon Go. They are:

  • Jellicent


  • Trevenant


  • Lickitung


  • Ninetales


  • Venusaur


Therefore, these Pokemons are already a great weakness of Chansey so we recommend you consider them first to fight Chansey.

FAQs | Chansey Weakness Pokemon Go

What is super effective against Chansey?

Chansey is extremely weak in fighting moves, and therefore, you must try out ‘mons epic fighting moves abilities against it. The best one to consider will be Lopunny (Mega) to fight against Chansey. This master of fighting tactics will definitely give a tough fight to Chansey and might ultimately defeat it.

Is Chansey a male Pokemon or female?

Chasey is a cute little Pokemon in Pokemon Go who is entirely female. There is no male counterpart for it. Moreover, Chansey is an extraordinarily kind-hearted and soft pokemon.

What can we do with Chansey eggs?

Chansey is so kind-hearted that it will happily donate its eggs for the welfare of others. You can use Chansey’s eggs to heal injured people and also other Pokemons.

Which is the rarest Pokemon to exist ever in Pokemon Go?

Since Pokemon Go was launched, Salandit and Salazzle have been among the game’s two rarest Pokemons. It is hard to find these Pokemon and extremely tough to fight and capture them in your Pokeball.

Who is the 999 Pokemon?

The 999 Pokemon was the name given to Gimmighoul Pokemon. This is a ghost-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation IX. It was named so because it evolved into Gholdengo when the player had exactly 999 coins.


Conclusion | Chansey Weakness Pokemon Go

To conclude, these were all major weaknesses of Chansey. Since Chansey is not a very tough and challenging Pokemon to defeat, you can easily capture it. But if you are still unable to do so, go through the above weaknesses and try to use the Pokemon with relevant skills to defeat this cute and tiny Pokemon.

Defeating Chansey is only the work of a single player, and you would not need the help of anyone. Once you have captured Chansey, remember to use its eggs for healing your Pokemon and taking a significant lead in the game.

That’s it. Hope you catch Chansey after reading this guide and exploit its weaknesses to capture it in your Pokeball perfectly.

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