Serpent Arrows Elden Ring | All You Need to Know (With Locations)

As more and more people join the Elden ring community daily, the game’s epic storyline is constantly being praised worldwide by its players. Platforms like Reddit, discord and other famous community forums are flooded with chats of Elden ring and thousands of “How to” questions about the game. These questions result from a unique but a bit complicated storyline of the game. One such query has been about the Serpent Arrows in Elden Ring. Players have recently been excited about it and wanted to know where to find it.

Serpent Arrows in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a complex storyline, but that hasn’t brought any downfall to the game’s fandom. Today, this blog will provide you with every minute detail of serpent arrows, what they are, where you can find them, how to use them, and much more. These serpent arrows are indeed a thing of excitement for Elden ring players, so we are here to disclose every gate of it. Unlike any other bow and arrow, serpent arrows in Elden ring are a much broader thing to know about when playing the game with complete dedication.

Serpent Arrows Elden Ring | All You Need To Know

To state in a precise and simple manner, serpent arrows in Elden ring are a certain kind of arrow carved in the shape of a flying snake to give it a serious and unique look in the game. Unlike any other simple arrow, the serpent arrow is meant to cause much heavier damage to the enemies and bosses than a regular arrow. The serpent arrow causes a heavy poison build-up when used and can give a major amount of damage to the enemy.

What are serpent arrows in elden ring

Being an arrow, it is restricted to be used only with bows and crossbows. Among all the bows available in Elden ring, the serpent arrow is the most effective when used with the serpent bow. Their deadly combination can repel any enemy attack and help you gain a major lead in the game. The serpent arrow is quite popular to be used against many bosses as well. When used with a bow or crossbow, the serpent arrow deals ranged damage to the enemy.

While the arrow’s look is quite attractive, it differentiates the serpent arrow from all other simple ones. Having the shape of a flying snake, the tip of the arrow is highly daubed with poison to attack the enemy directly as it hits them.

Where to find Serpent Arrows Elden Ring?

While players find it difficult to locate serpent arrows in Elden ring, it must be noted that the serpent arrows are available only at some particular locations in the game. Roaming around in search of serpent arrows might not lead you in the right direction. Below are all the locations where you can easily find the serpent arrow or purchase them from a merchant.

Location 1

The isolated merchants in Elden ring are of great use to players. While these isolated merchants bring your weapons, ammunition, consumables, and other materials, they also provide notes with some useful tips for players to move ahead in the game.

Serpent arrows in elden ring

You can find the serpent arrow with another such merchant. Sold by the Dragonbarrow’s isolated merchant, you can purchase serpent arrows for 120 runes each from them. You can buy as many of them as you want.

Location 2

The second location where you can find serpent arrows is the place where you will find serpent snails. If you are unaware of serpent snails, they are an enemy wildlife creature in Elden ring. Mostly found at Volcano Manor and Nokstella, you can discover serpent arrows dropped by the serpent snail at Nokstella, the Eternal City (5 per drop).

Serpent arrows in elden ring

However, some other serpent arrows can also be located at Volcano Manor since it is also a prime spot where serpent snails can be located. So try to look for the dropped serpent arrows at these places.

Location 3

The last location where you can locate serpent arrows in Elden ring is with skeletal snails. Unlike serpent snails, the skeletal snails are not an enemy creature in the game, and they are just normal wildlife creatures in Elden ring with a strong shell over their back. However, skeletal snails are known to drop serpent arrows just like serpent snails do. So you can look for serpent arrows at places where skeletal snails can be found.

Serpent arrows in elden ring

Skeletal snails in Elden ring have three prime locations. The first one is the Royal Capital Outskirts near the Hermit’s Shack, where you can find many skeletal snails dropping serpent arrows (5 per drop). Another such location is the Necromancer Garris, where you can find skeletal snails, and thus you can look for serpent arrows. The last spot to locate skeletal snails is the mountain tops of the Giants, a place near where the Tibla Mariner was fought.

These are all the prime locations of serpent arrows where you can easily locate them. You can either purchase them from the merchant or wander around to look for serpent snails and skeletal snails, who would probably be dropping serpent arrows from where they pass.

Important Tips to Know All About Serpent Arrows Elden Ring

Although serpent arrows in Elden ring are just another category of arrows in the game, they are pretty different from other arrows. You must use the serpent arrows carefully as they yield heavy damage to the enemies and thus must be used when fighting against bosses or other difficult-to-defeat enemies. The serpent arrows are meant to be used with the serpent bows as they yield maximum damage in this combination. The serpent arrows are so strong that they can break your enemy’s armor.

If you want to craft serpent arrows in Elden ring, it must be noted that serpent arrows cannot be crafted in the game. They can just be purchased from a merchant or collected from serpent snails and skeletal snails only.


What does the serpent bow do in Elden ring?

The serpent bow in Elden ring is known to yield heavy damage to the enemy with the help of pagan magic. It gives the best results when used by an arrow whose tip has been daubed with poison, such as the serpent arrow.

Is the serpent bow better than the acidum rifle?

Although the serpent bow is unmatchable when it comes to giving heavy damage to the enemy, the acidum rifle is considered to be superior to the serpent bow. But you cannot deny the fact that the serpent bow is much faster than the acidum rifle and can thus do more damage to the enemy.

Is the serpent spear a good weapon in Elden ring?

The serpent spear in Elden Ring does less damage than the serpent arrow. Although, the serpent spear is best suited to make a keep-away attack on enemies.

Conclusion | Serpent Arrows Elden Ring

That is all you need to know about serpent arrows in Elden ring. While these are one of the deadliest weapons in Elden ring, the only condition is that you use them with the correct combination. For instance, the serpent arrows might not be as effective with other bows as with the serpent bow. So, try to look for serpent arrows at the right place in Elden ring and use it to yield great damage against strong enemies and challenging bosses.

Another tip to easily obtain the serpent arrows is to buy them directly from the Isolated merchant or collect them from skeletal snails instead of serpent snails. With these tips in mind, you can easily own and use the serpent arrows in the best manner.

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